Monday, September 03, 2012

Overheard, Underhanded

Tam (on headset to her WoW buddies): "...My upgraded bow is super-tactikewl powerful now!"

Roberta X (listening in): [Begins whistling Help Me Make It Through The Night.]

Tam: [glares]

Roberta X: "Um, wrong kind of 'bow,' then?"


jed said...

Did she mount a ram to it? Not being familiar with WoW, I don't know what sort of ships they have, but I have to assume hers was constructed with a keel.

BTW, I prefer Willie's rendition.

Roberta X said...

I'm sure hers has a keel, but she's nae so much on the sheep. So I dinna ask.

Willie wears hair ribbons? Dang. First it's braids, and then it's downhill from there. Can't have nothin' nice.

jed said...

She'd just tell you a yarn about invading the Hyborean plateau anyways. (I assume they do such things in WoW.)

I can't say what might be found behind Willie's ball cap or bandana. But I doubt Kris Kristofferson did.