Friday, September 14, 2012

Older Than You Thought

Rock music: first discovered in 1785. Really!

(Unrelated: sampler from the electroswing collection, White Mink, Black Cotton. How long have they been running that Prius on bathtub gin?)Link


Anonymous said...

You mean you didn't know? Have you been to Skiddaw? (think rocks, heather, rocks, gorse, rocks and, the height of excitement, the odd dead sheep - you can tell when there's a dead sheep as there'll be crowd standing staring at it). After a couple of minutes (+/- a few pints of Tetleys) and you'd be hitting rocks and singing to yourself, just to stave of the boredom.

We Northern (West) English have always been an inventive and musical species (have a listen to Kate Rusby, a good Lancashire lass, for examples of our gentle melodic natures).

It comes with lying on the border between those 'Soft Southern Sissies' and those 'Blue-skinned Skirt-wearing Heathens' and being attacked constantly by both (although this may have had something to do with the local hobby of cross-border maurauding, with a side helping of cattle-rustling. For the record I come from one of the more infamous Reiver families and for some reason beef always tastes better when it comes from someone elses plate/farm/country ).

Also, as a consequence of such internecine foreign/regional relations we have a well developed system of martial arts ie. Ecky-Thump (see The Goodies), I myself have earned a second level black cap allowing me to wear the coveted 'pieces of string tied round the knees of my kecks, as well as specialise in using the more esoteric weaponry such as rhubarb or black-puddings.


(P.S. - I really appreciated the correct spelling in a previous post!!!)

Drang said...

From my YouTube channel: Hawaiian Bell Stone - YouTube