Monday, September 17, 2012

Shooting At Don's Guns

Yes, the Don's Guns of Internet fame and/or notoriety. Guy'd been shooting on their range, came out, shot the clerk, and was shot dead by the clerk, who is now in hospital himself.

I'd make some snarky comment -- Don's has earned the full measure of its reputation -- but the fact is, if you run a gun store, with a range or not, this will happen. It's not especially common, after-hours robberies and probably even range suicides* happen more often, but when it does, it gets noticed. In this instance, the clerk was able to do the right thing.

This is the fault of the guy that did it, not where it happened. Could have happened at any other gun store. Or any store. --Could have happened at a jeweler's house; in fact, it did, earlier the same day.

* Many of the odd-seeming or strict firearm rental policies come about in reaction to these tragedies.


Keads said...

Oh, it scares me to death. As you say it could happen anywhere though. That is the reason I pay close attention while I am at my home range. I also escort my Concealed Carry Handgun and new shooter students out of the range at the end of the day into the parking lot.

Range is open to the public, rent a Handgun, buy ammo and bam.

The Jack said...

Hope the clerk pulls through. Least he stopped it when he did.

It can, and does, happen anywhere.

When I was at Eagle Creek I was keeping a mighty tight eye on folks.

Simply because there were so many shooters, and other than the RO's I didn't know a one of them from Eve.

Sure I was more worried about negligent discharge, but that happens too.

And like with the range suicides you can't count on them being "sad/depressing/whatever". The day they decide to turn the gun on themselves, or someone else, might be the happiest in their life.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sounds like "Evolution in Action" to me.

Dave in Indiana said...

Makes you wonder about the mental capacity or psychological condition of the perp. Not to diminish the tragedy, but attempting to shoot someone in a gun shop is a dumber idea than trying to rob a police station. And so Darwin hands out another award.