Wednesday, September 05, 2012

There Was A Gun Ban In Greenwood?

Heck, there was a slingshot ban; it's still on the books, but the part about guns was superseded by state law.

Not in the headline, the bad news: you used to be able to shoot pigeons within town limits. That's going away. Bummer.

(Also, dig the AP language-mangle at full throttle: the "...ordinance prohibits people from carry around..." Grog? You went from B.C. to AP? The wire services used to hammer out some pretty darned good verbiage, news up to the minute every hour, at 60 thundering words per minute, 24/7/364.5.* All those guys retired.)
* Christmas morning was pretty quiet.


Jim said...

The AP's 60-wpm ticker was a hard taskmaster. I'm still trying to unload all my pent-up adverbs.

Drang said...

Was told once that slingshots are illegal in WA. It wasn't until Al Gore invented the Intert00bz that I was really able to devote the energy the subject deserved (i.e., little) to learn that the ban is on slung shot, AKA blackjacks and coshes, which is what the British call a spanner.

Bubblehead Les. said...

There's an Obscure Law still on the Books up here that bans any Firearm that has the CAPABILITY of taking a Magazine of greater than 30 rounds of ammunition.

But I know that if I go to the Gun Show this weekend, I could probably pick up some BetaMags for various Weapons and use them that day.

Of course, it would be nice if the State A.G. would tell the Legislature that we need to do some purging in regard to Gun Laws in Ohio, but since he's a C- Rated former U.S. Senator RINO, I don't expect much action while he's in Charge.

og said...

I remember comming off duty at W*** radio in the very early 80's and sitting in the wire room between the AP and the UPI machines, smoking and having coffee at the end of my shift. I will always remember the clatter of those machines.