Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is That A Tiger In Your, Er, Bowl?

No, that's a litterbox.

     The nice thing about housecats is that, in theory, they bury their own doodle.  Tam's cat and mine, they make things simpler and just bury the theory, leaving one of the Mommies to add another layer to the box or change it.

     And they don't tip, either.  Ach, not that half a dead mouse would do me any good.


Dave H said...

The two fur-bearing critters at my house have an understanding. George does the deed, and Nicky buries the evidence.

BobG said...

I don't have cats, but several in the neighborhood like to relieve themselves in my yard, and NONE of them believe in burying it. I find surprises on my sidewalk, my lawn, my driveway, etc.

Sabra said...

Do they scratch ineffectively a few times at the wall/edge of the litter box? That's a common theme with cats I've owned or known.

Drang said...

My understanding is that cats sometimes practice "middening", leaving their business unburied as a signal to other cats that this yard is taken. Or something.

Anonymous said...

I'd work up more enthusiasm for cats burying their poo if they could be taught to wash their paws afterwards with soap and water. Teach them that and you'd really have something.

Not that the burying thing isn't considerate, when done right.

Mike James

Roberta X said...

Mike: usually they only touch the sand.

Sabra, Drang -- I've got one that mostly just walks off and one that does the "swipe at litterbox wall or floor" thing.

I'm told you can teach them to use the john, but they don't flush that, either.

Ken O said...

Be grateful. In my neighborhood there is an evil stray who likes to do his soupy business at the bottom of your windshield, where it oozes under the back side of the hood. Oh to get him in the sights!