Thursday, September 13, 2012

World Peace Though Flamethrowers; Rioting Over A Jack Chick Tract

Rioting at embassies -- y'know what'd put a stop to that? A wall of liquid fire.

Yes, I'm serious; this isn't "high spirits" or "free speech," it's a mob assault on the embassy of a foreign power. If you, me and 500 of our closest friends stormed the Chinese embassy in Washington, or the Yemeni consulate in wherever the hell there is one, or whatever other furrin outpost of furriness and afternoon teas-over-treaties, I'd expect deadly force to be used -- and not just by their guards, but by our own police as well, 'cos that form of mob violence is an assault on a sovereign power.

But Roberta X, you demur, aren't you an anarchist? Don't you believe in your heart of hearts that "government" and "sovereign powers" other than the individual are merely polite fictions? Why yes, yes I do -- but just like the polite fiction that the Vicar's wife has not just let fly an enormous, dire blat of flatulence while taking tea, those polite fictions are (at least in theory) how we refrain from climbing bell towers or pushing the big red missile-firing button, even when we are, severally and each, getting on one another's last nerve. It's b---s---, but it's useful; swarming the fences and takin' out ambassadors with shoulder-fired rockets is breaking the rules. It ain't how the game is played.

And it deserves a response other than "oops" or "Oh, my, that was an insulting video." Personally, I would recommend flamethrowers loaded with napalm; that way, when the Grand Vizier or the Undershirtsecretary or Prime Minister of Rioterstan calls up to say he's shocked, shocked to learn rioting is going on and promising to take stern action if only the malefactors can be located, our Consul or Ambassador can simply tell him, "Great! Just look for the b-stards with severe burns."

And why are they rioting? Let's ask the Brits! Why, this columnist says it's over a "a really nasty piece of lying propaganda" which he likens to "a Jack Chick comic;" he goes on to urge banning. --No word if he'd ban Chick handouts, too, but the implication's obvious. Still, the can do that; the writer even claims it is within "central values of liberal democracy" with a straight face. And he cites Mill, that the remedy for bad speech is better speech; but just like the rioters, he has no faith in the notion. (Submitting to thugs and mobs has such a great history of positive results, doesn't it?)

Holy cow. Chick tracts are hilarious; while I'm sure they hold a certain appeal to persons who agree with the tenets expressed therein, the rest of us have trouble takin' 'em seriously. Yet that's the kind of thing violently-inclined Islamic "youth" are burning embassies and torpedoing Ambassadors over? (Well, if there is any group that knows and loves crude propaganda.... Ahem.)

Napalm's too good for 'em. It's bit too tony for any government that condones their actions, too.


Phssthpok said...

I'm no scientisty-type person, but I presume there is some way whip up a batch of Napalm/flamethrower fuel using pig-fat* as one of the base constituents.

*(true 'bacon' grease beeing too good to watse on them because BACON!)

Tango Juliet said...

Right on Bobbi!

Bob said...

What's bugging me is wondering why the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military is phoning Florida preachers to plead with them not to piss off the Muslims. That's not in his job description, is it? And shouldn't said preachers just tell him to get stuffed?

Robert Fowler said...

Nuke em till they glow, shoot em in the dark. The whole bunch in Libya are al kida. That's who we helped when they got rid of Kaddfy. We are being led by a bunch of morons.

Anonymous said...

The poor Libyan government is tripping over itself to apologize because the are 0-15 in combat with anything tougher then Brownie Troop #11.

The problem is with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
I expect it will sread from Turkey to the Philipines over the next few days. Even Karzi wants to get in on the simitar rattling.

I'm sure the have all the embassy Marines on very short leashes. The boy and girls will be wanting payback in the worst way.


Panamared said...

Given that all the US Embassies are in fact American Territory, it makes you wonder just what the Commander and Chief is going to do to protect American Sovereignty, after all it is part of the job description.

og said...

But it's a religion of peace!

No, it's not. it's not a religion in the true sense of the word, and the last thing it is is peaceful.

I keep hoping that a new Caliphate will come along with a leader who softens the message to one of tolerance and peace.

But it's like talking to a wall.

meanwhile, animal fat under pressure burns just fine. And does an excellent job of sticking to idiots; if seeing Allah is their goal, let's help them along some.

Anonymous said...

Good reading. There A good number of the so called "Area Denial" weapons have been developed. Things like sonic machines which are pretty bad to try and go up against. There is "Sickening agents which can be sprayed on mobs. Don't forget military grade C.S.Gas as well as the popular pepper spray in large dispensers. I do approve of your walls of fire approach which can be quite final. There is also super slicky stuff you cannot walk through and stay on your feet and don't forget the super sticky stuff that lets you bond with the person, scrubs and other stuff you encounter. Of course they will not look at that stuff. Just Saying "right on".

Drang said...

Flame fougasse

Bubblehead Les. said...

Flame Throwers can be tricky. And the Volume of Fire is limited. My recipe is as follows. First, I'd fill Water Cannons with Liquified Pork and Soak them. Then I'd use Mini Guns to ensure a lot of Holes. This allows plenty of Blending of the 2 substances (Pork and Blood), then take said Martyrs and let them Burn in Hell for Eternity, without the benefit of 74 Virgins.

Finished Dish? If you don't Respect Us for helping you overthrow your Country's Dictator, then you need to Fear Us.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Oh, and I'm sure the Brit in Question didn't have anyone in his Family Killed or Wounded when those Same "Peace Loving" Martyrs attacked the London Transportation System a few years ago.

Perhaps that Brit needs to read his Countryman Kipling's "The Truce of the Bear" poem.

Anonymous said...

Blaming that video for the murder of our people is like blaming a rape victim for how she dresses. Oh wait, they do that too.

That needs to be pointed out to those talking heads.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Grauniad the 'newspaper' written by upper middle-class left wing 'useful idiots' - and read by the same. But even so, this complete Spanner [please see correct usage of English idiom] has been thoroughly pasted by his own readers (when the Trotskyist and Marxist 'progressive' readers are disgusted by his article, just imagine what the rest of the 'real English' think!).

Personally, as a traditionalist, I'd favour installing 'thermally excited liquid petrochemical dispensers' on the embassy walls - it worked in the crusades (failing that, how about a phalanx at each corner?).

Thoughts here are with the families, and feelings generally run to 'nuke the bas***ds from orbit, it's the only way too be sure' - Oh if there's any spare can we target Bradford too?

Ritchie said...

I heard somewhere that you never want to let a crisis go to waste.

dave in Indiana said...

I tend to prefer carpet bombing myself. Not the expensive precision guided bombs, the old Vietnam era dumb bombs which B-52's carried.

Skip said...

A platoon of jarheads with real ammo.
And a flamethrower.