Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beauty Tips (No, Really)

Makeup maven Michelle Phan on the perfect use for those business cards: keeping mascara off one's eyelids.

I have been wearin' mascara for (mumble-mumble) years and this never occurred to me.

Side note, Ms. Phan is way sharp! Stumbled on to her vids on a search looking into school uniforms for a post that never jelled; she's got a short bit on how to accessorize and individualize such uniforms without quite breaking the rules. Most of her makeup tips and allllll the looks are far too young for me but it's fun stuff. (Also, anyone who can apply liquid eyeliner without breaking into a cold sweat? OMG, I am so jealous).


Tango Juliet said...

Sorry RX, you're behind the times. Chemicals, once again, are where it's at.

The ultimate eyelash enhancement technology:

Roberta X said...

No thanks. I've taken enough darn medications already, for non-cosmetic purposes. Once you've been led on a meds-hunt for treatment of intractable migraine, you become very skeptical of Better Living Through Chemistry. Most pills and shots are about as subtle and targeted as a sledgehammer and I would no more take them for cosmetic purposes than I would use a steamroller to make cider.

Tango Juliet said...

You're spot on as usual. I avoid drugs whenever possible for the same reasons.

However, I just couldn't resist another opportunity to flaunt my beautiful eyelashes. :)