Friday, August 20, 2010


Worked eight hours at the Skunk Works North Campus. Never saw another person the entire time I was there. Spooky. Filled and hauled 14 bags of wet and sometimes moldy cardboard upstairs and out to a dumpster with a stuck door and annoyingly high sides walls. Carried up those same stairs several hundred pounds of expensive I-can't-tell-you that had to be rapidly evaluated and, if needed, laid out to dry under controlled conditions. Vacuumed several gallons of water off floors and shelving. Wore work gloves over nitrile gloves and rotated through four pairs of 'em because they didn't grip well when wet.

I have a small abrasion on my scalp where a widget, I swear, leaned over and scratched at me. I said nice things when that happened, at great length and high volume. Earlier, I whacked an ear good and hard on a wall or duct that wasn't where I thought it was. Hours later, finally sitting down at a keyboard, I went to take off my glasses and something felt very gritty. H'mm, reddish stuff all over the end of that earpiece...? Yep. Dried blood. I've got a tiny little goose egg and a crushing type abrasion next to it, hidden behind my ear, right where the temple of my glasses goes.


On the other hand, nobody shot at me, not even once. That makes it a good day.


Home on the Range said...

Sounds like you need a medicinal breakfast.

Take it easy, and please call if you need anything.

Tam said...

Ow! :(

sam said...

Ouch! After all that, how's your back?

Have a restful weekend.

og said...

Don't think of them as scars, think of them as badges of courage.

Justthisguy said...

Unfortunately, I have to live in Florida, and I do understand that moldy wet things are No Fun Whatsoever.

Joseph said...

Hope you aren't too stiff when you wake up, Roberta. Remember, Vitamin I, the breakfast of champions! ('cause only champions get that sore)

WV. Gunlawk. Yes, really.