Thursday, August 12, 2010

State Fair!

I have scads of photos -- but I'll have to post them later. Giant tractors and baby donkeys! Baby tractors! (Kind of). And I have wildflower honey and a ring made out of a cut steel nail, the latter free for the asking.

Saw a wonderful array of old tools and prime movers, including one "modern" solution to the lack of a line shaft: a modified riding lawnmower!

I had a cake of beeswax. Dunno where it has got to, which could be bad. I sure couldn't find it in the car or my purse. Last memory? In my hand as I was getting ready to unlock the car. Did I leave it on the roof? If so, it didn't stick. A pity -- I have a big block of the stuff but I wanted a fresher, softer one.

Oh, and Red Gold tomato juice? Still the best! They serve it up ice-cold, with celery salt, Tabasco and/or Worcestershire to put in it if you'd like.


Andrew said...

Sounds a bit like they left an ingredient out of your Bloody Mary.

In honor of Blago's trial, word verification: "mobbo"

Roberta X said...

Well, a lot of my people are Temperance. I'm not, but I hardly drink.

Anonymous said...

I only drink on special occassions, like sunsets, or days ending in "y".

Shootin' Buddy

Gewehr98 said...

Beeswax is the shiznatt as a component in blackpowder cartridge bullet lube, as well as muzzle-loading patch lube. I embarrass the Mrs. all the time at the farmer's markets, buying beeswax blocks instead of the soap or honey that's on display. "What do you use it for, candles?"

"Nope. Bullets." :-)

Roberta X said...

I found mine. I use it to lubricate woodscrews, as a finish (dissolved in turpentine) and on thread for sewing leather. Among other things. It's all-round useful.