Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coats In The Hood?

Tam range me up from Castle Frostbite and pointed out in the Dan Coats political ad she snarked at awhile back, the YouTube freeze-frame has him sitting in a diner with a distinctive, Miami Beach-Deco/Fab Fifties palette of colors: it's SoBro's own Good Morning Mama's, brighter than any tropic flower.

I called up the vid while she spoke and was rocking it back and forth, when I realized a few cuts earlier, Mr. Coats is chatting with a fellow at a vegetable stand. But it's not just any vegetable stand, it's Locally Grown Gardens, right down the block from Mama's, and the guy is the owner, Ron. (I wouldn't read anything political into that; Ron's naturally friendly and as near as anyone could guess, his politics consist of suggesting you should eat fresh, flavorful food, ideally from his store, while listening to first-rate reggae. This is a platform nearly everyone can embrace and still be true to themselves, even Dan Coats).

Haven't gone through the ad frame-by-frame but it is pretty obvious the candidate was workin' 54th St., pretty much within bicycling range of Roseholme Cottage. Woo-hoo, Hollywood, here we come!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Sounds like you need to call the Exterminators, 'cause you might be having an Infestation of Politicianis Stupiditis come to your neighborhood. They tend to swarm every 2 years, and their bites have been known to drive people mad while they consume the Processed Tree Bark in your wallet to the point that you end up starving. I have to deal with the King of the Hive in my neck of the woods tomorrow, and I hope he just "Flies Over" my House while heading back to the Potomac Nest. Best to stay away from them unless you have on a Wookie Suit to protect you from their bites.

Nathan said...

Ah, I dunno. Getting hard to tell the hippies from the politicians in Broad Ripple anymore.