Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Plans

I know what I'll hand out this year: soda pop! Those tiny short cans are expensive, though. The big bottles are economical; you just tip a little into every trick-or-treater's bag. "There ya go, kid!" Glug, glug. "Happy Halloween!"

Heh heh heh.


ZerCool said...

"Nov 1, 2010:
Spending the morning cleaning eggs and soap off Roseholme Cottage. Damn kids. - RX"

Stranger said...

We ordinarily hand out twenty pounds of candy, one piece at a time. Since the economy is what it is, I have upped that to thirty.

Saturday afternoon will be a light posting time. Sunday morning will be a run to the store for discount Halloween candy to be put in the twenty below box until needed.


Tam said...

I was thinking of doing like CQB man and handing out .40 JHP cartridges.

Nathan said...

We just turn the lights off and hide. Damn kids, anyway.

Jennifer said...

We usually buy the candy that we like and then hand it out to the brats that ring the doorbell. Then Weebot comes home with crappy candy to share. We decided that this is counter-productive. This year, we are buying the candy we like and taking off to the woods to eat it!

D.W. Drang said...

Trick or Treating around here has been sporadic--some years none, other years a dozen or so. Not sure if it's because kids go to parties at church, etc., or go the mall, or the immigrants don't "get it"--what, Sikhs don't trick or treat?--or what.

Then there's my 2 AM wake-up. Hopefully, Hallowe'en being on Sunday, whatever we get will be done by 7 at the latest so I can go to bed on time. (Or, Mrs. Drang, who enjoys this a lot more than I do, will go to "The Other House", which we will move into by the end of the year I hope, and hand out goodies there. More kids in that neighborhood anyway.)

Crucis said...

When you run out of soda, you can substitute molasses. A few drops will do ya. After a few minutes, molasses and compete with superglue.

Roberta X said...

Good heavens, Crucis, that's it! I'd been wanting to give the kidssomething natural and I could use a local product: instead of molasses, I'll ladle out sorghum!

D.W.: Sikhs are more into the "treat" phase. Y'know, there's something admirable about a group of people who pray, "Keep the hotplates at our free lunch running forever," and volunteer to ensure it happens.

The Jack said...

Great minds thinks alike:

And yeah, that's Count Spockula in pannel 2