Friday, October 29, 2010

I Know It's Overly Flippant, But

...Whenever I hear the term "suspicious package," this is the mental image I get:

In case you missed it, some nitwits from Yemen or Shakkin'Yabootietilkablooie or some such place sent a batch of boxes of badness, multiple batches in fact, to where it would Do Harm. This was nipped in the, er, bud and police are, as they say, "looking into it."

Michelangelo's David had no comment, though observers remarked that he "appeared concerned."*
* Just to prove that at least one brilliant Italian sculptor actually read and understood the text and had some notion what the normal reaction might be, if you could see David's face on the same level or above, he looks like a man scared right out of his gourd -- and determined to proceed nevertheless. The rest of his body language is, according to experts, expressing precisely the same thing. There he is, bare nekkid, with a sling and a handful of gravel, looking way, way up at a great burly fellow, armed and armored, out to crush him like a bug. Who wouldn't be afraid?


Joanna said...

I prefer Bernini's David, personally. It's an action pose, the facial expression is incredible

and oh yeah he's got clothes on.

Heh. Shrinkage.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Mike's sculpture have David standing on Goliath's head?

Anonymous said...

Oops... that would be Donatello said...

Well, then how would you react to an auspicious package?

Dang, did I actually say that out loud?

Roberta X said...

...That's such a perfect straight line that I had best just change the subject.

Joanna, Anonymous: Michelangelo was unique (I think) in choosing to depict him before the big fight.

And even the sculptor may have thought he wasn't dressed warmly enough -- a BBC article says he paid a goldsmith to make a "garland of gilded copper" for the lower portion of his torso.

Joel said...

Well, today I learned something I'd never noticed before. Not that the David is a big concern of mine but I've heard of it, you know, and I never noticed that he did indeed appear rather concerned.