Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Is This A Daguerre I See Before Me?

Pointing a camera at a monument, you or I might take a snapshot; Turk Turon gets an existential dilemma instead.

Public photography? Some folks think it's a menace!


Ken said...

Okay, I'm torn. On the one hand, that was pretty clever. On the other, it was a pun...but I cannot in good conscience support the pun tax.

homebru said...

Leading us to ask, if the generic form of the label for "one who makes a pun or puns" is punster, is the feminine form of the label "punstress"?

And, furthering, should the label for the punster/punstress who use a foot to reject those who do not appreciate the pun be "punter"?

The need for more coffee is indicated.

JohnW said...

For that title alone you should plotz.