Saturday, October 23, 2010


Um. Got nuthin', or not much. Tam and SB took off for brekky and the Indy 1500 Gun Show at, like, quarter til oh-dark-hundred. As I was at that time possessed of C) no cash and B) a hammerin', one-sided headache, complete with stabbing pains in my left ear* and A) an overabundance of "sleepy," I did no such thing.

Here I am, an hour left to get to the bank. Prolly shower and off to Cladddlhoeaught (cough, cough, cough) (It's a beautiful language and some of my ancestors spoke a closely-related one, but it does things to my throat) or whatever they call it, after.
* Before offering sympathy and/or medical advice, stop. I get these things. They are, according to the very best medical help I could buy, multiple specialists, lotta tests and fancy imaging, not a symptom of anything. There is no drug that will end them. Ibuprofen will take the edge off, though sometimes it requires an hour or so; stronger drugs can do more but at the cost of seriously horrible side effects and/or addiction, so they're out. I complain about my headaches because there is no fixing them.


Tango Juliet said...

Well, I hope you feel better soon!!!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Sounds like you want and need unsolicited medical advice. I think this calls for a replacement head. Planty on eBay.

LauraB said...

Only thing I ever had that helped was a new med - cafergot, I think. So get some moldy rye and espresso. What could it hurt?

Anonymous said...

Are they "cluster headaches" ?

try a dose of 100% oxygen