Sunday, October 31, 2010

That Incident At A Rand Paul Rally

...In which a protester, wearing a blonde wig (?) tries to shove a sign into the candidate's vehicle and is then chased around the SUV, heading back towards Mr. Paul as it stops and is grabbed and pushed down to the curb hard? What happens next is what got all the attention; the press and the protester called it a headstomp but it looks like her shoulder to me. Dirty pool either way, but what you might not have noticed is what also happens:

The Lone Stepper puts his foot on her shoulder and shoves down solidly and as he does so, another Paul supporter steps up holding out his hand, and shouts, "No-no-no-nuh-n'no! C'mon--" at the stepper, who quits and moves back, shaking his finger chidingly. Interviewed soon after, the protester, still clutching her "RepubliCorp" sign, seems little worse for the wear, claiming she just wanted to share, "My message...which is just the same as anyone else." Um, no it's not; protective coloration FAIL. But look on the bright side, kiddo: you're famous, and they didn't even break your glasses. Speaking as a glasses-wearer who has been chased down and shoved around, do you know how lucky that is?

Heck, those Rand-fans, they can't even manage crowd violence; somebody starts in with late hits, somebody else intervenes, toot sweet. Try that with the SEIU and see how far you get. --We know what happens when you protest around the President of these here too-United States: he sics you on his opposition. (Here, scroll in to the 5:50 mark; they keep dinging him over a broken campaign promise 'til 8:30 in, where he sings 'em out with BS and FDR riffs, trailing off into GOP-bashing. You stay classy, sir. Um...).

I'm still no fan of any political rally, which creepify me even when they come off without a hitch. But to come in spoilin' for trouble, rush the candidate and still have crowd members intervene on your behalf? That's not pro-level thuggery you're receiving. Not even close. Chicago police wouldn't even consider it a warning.


Anonymous said...

Saw the poor, self-aggrandizing victim on TV loudly bewailing her treatment. The funny thing is that despite all claims of violence, not a single cut, scratch or bruise was visible. Sorry, the evidence doesn't support the claim.

Shermlock Shomes said...

I'm of the same mind when it comes to political rallies. If I'm hiring someone to work for me it's gonna be a thoughtful interview.

Anonymous said...

Just shows that no political movement is saintly.

Libertarians: everyone can do as they like, just don't do anything we don't like or we kick you in the head.

Shootin' Buddy

Roberta X said...

I believe Mr. Paul is what is known as a "Republican." Otherwise, spot-on, SB.

It is the essential message of most political parties and governments: "Do as we say or you'll get the boot."

Wasn't all that long ago that Libertarian Party members all pledged to never initiate force against their fellowman. This does not, of course, prevent one from responding to force with force; but it was too much for the more moderate folks (ex-Republicans and such) so they dropped it.

Anonymous said...

Roberta, very true. I mean the move-on woman tried it twice and the first time the Randites merely pushed her away.

Just try that once with Barack Obama! You'll get a lot more than a foot to the head.

Shootin' Buddy

DaddyBear said...

As curb stompings go, that was pretty gentle.

But the "security" should never have let it get that far. In today's political climate, the campaign manager should have thought of how these guys should have properly responded to such a provocation.

Of course, as my grandma used to say, If you don't start a fight, then there won't be a fight.

I'd say that both parties are at fault here. The MoveOn operative started crap, but the Paul supporters over-reacted.

phlegmfatale said...

Call me juvenile, but that chick looks like the Chocolate Rain guy. Ew.

yeah, was maybe a shoulder stomp, but definitely not a head stomp.