Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Reward Of Virtue

Or is it industriousness? Whichever. I joined Tam & Co at Cafe Patachou for a perfectly lovely breakfast (waffles, fresh fruit, good coffee with real cream) shortly after posting my triumphant "Heh!" 'Pon my return home, I was asleep within minutes, enjoying the sound sleep of the just--

Woke up six hours later with a huge cramp starting to form in my left calf. There's a good response and a bad response to this, depending on which way you move your knee and ankle and in my muzzy, half-awake state, I chose wrongly. Let out a hair-curdling scream, too. 18 hours later, there's still an ache and a trace of a knot.

It should be a lesson to me; probably "Take your vitamins."


homebru said...

I get leg cramps from time to time. The fix works for me is to stand up straight and normal, with both feet flat on the floor. Thirty seconds later, I'm smiling.

Works every time for me. Just don't know why.

Sendarius said...


My daughter is learning/studying ballet, and often had cramps in her calf muscles at night.
Since starting a magnesium supplement (at a surprisingly high dosage to start with), no more problems.

Probably an ordinary mineral tonic/supplement might have enough magnesium to make a difference, eventually, but the medical recommendation for her was a high dosage of a specific supplement for rapid effect.

Anonymous said...

And for some potassium,
bananas have appeal.

Anonymous said...


Vitamins don't hurt, but a banana every other day is good (one banana is about 20% of what you need). Also, O.J., Sweet Potatos, yogurt, white beans, and the ultimate super food--tomatoes.

Yoga helps prevent those cramps too.

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