Saturday, October 09, 2010

Debbie, Meet Jim. Play Nice, Now

Somehow I missed this mash-up. You shouldn't.

PS: In the related content, Debbie Harry performing in 2005. Okay, she's not young, but she's in good voice and looks fit; I'm thinkin', gee, she must be pushin' 50.... Um, no. That's what 60 looks like. Sets the bar a bit high.


D.W. Drang said...

I've gotta wonder about the folks who realize these things work.

And that fact that rap kept going after Debby Harry spoofed it in 1981.

Joseph said...

Heard this one the first time a couple of years ago. I like Blondie and the Doors, but it was odd the first time I heard it.

It scared me, by the way, that Debbie is almost old enough to retire. That makes ME feel old.

I think she and Pat Benatar are on tour this year.

Stretch said...

I'd still commit serious felonies for her.

BobG said...

Brings back some memories; I saw The Doors in concert back in '68 or '69.

Stranger said...

Someday someone will bring the original Blondie cuts back - and the first couple of Asleep at the Wheel records (those funny black things with the hole in the little hole in the middle) - and I will have some reason to open my wallet for music again.


Stretch said...

After viewing the video I must amend my comment.
Along with committing felonies I would also break a majority of the Commandments.
If you'll excuse me I'm going home early to surprise my wife. bye

Roberta X said...

Y'know, that's a record for romantic lechery. :)

Overload in Colorado said...

Reminds me of the DJ Hero video game. They do a Beastie Boys Intergalatic- Blondie Rapture mix: