Friday, October 22, 2010

Did They Say That?

Congressional candidate Dan Coats is running a commercial about his Democratic opponent, incumbent, Brad Ellsworth.

Now Brad is, at best, a freshman wheelhorse, a pretty face who has voted along party lines since he got in. I don't much like him.

Mr. Coats, on the other hand, is a kind of carpetbagger, who heard the GOP was having trouble coming up with a candidate and hustled back to the state he left for warmer/better-paying climes years ago. I'm not so fond of him, either.

Still, I did not think he'd sign off on so flagrant a monument to stupid as his latest the-other-guy-is-bad ad, in which we learn the wicked, wicked Ellsworth, "...voted to force seniors out of Medicare and into government-run health care!"

Er, Dan? Dan? Medicare? So what's it, then, if not gummint-run health care?

More frikkin' New-Dealism, which seems to be written in stone, etched so deeply nobody in the the two parties dares to question it even as they look askance at programs with the exact same kind of intent and wider scope. At least they won't 'til it all goes smash and finishes taking the economy down with it, at which point they'll blame each other a little and us voters a lot.

I'm sure glad there's a Libertarian in that race.


Nathan said...

I can see the difference, I guess -- Medicare is insurance, Ă˜bamacare is an attempt at complete control over your medical care.

It's still a stupid construction and no less than I would expect out of Coats. I'd still rather have him than Ellsworth, but it irks me that the pubbies couldn't come up with a better candidate than the Carpetbagger.

D.W. Drang said...

Well, it is the Party of Stupid...

Nathan said...

Stupid doesn't mean uneducable.