Monday, October 11, 2010

I Work On A Starship: Now Easier To Read

Over at I Work On A Starship, I have added a collection of links to complete story arcs and the "slice of life" vignettes that can be read on their own. It's not all of them but it's a start.


The Old Man said...

Srarship is new, improved drive, yes?

Roberta X said...

Ah, er...well. Ahem. Not exactly.

It's fixed now. It did make for an amusing title.

JC said...

Thanks, Technician Ecks.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the series, but it seems to start in the middle of everything--episode 14. Is there an order to it? Because I'd really like to read it from the start.


Roberta X said...

Episode 14?

The first long(ish) "Starship" piece was "0900: Planetfall, Lyndon/Linden." Backstory is scattered throughout the reports, quite a lot in the present arc.

There were short bits earlier; but it starts with Our Heroine already employed aboard Lupine.

It does loosely stitch into a longer narrative, with a few outliers. I'll try to post a story-order list, with links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! In the meantime, I'm enjoying "Freefall".