Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Say No

The Libertarian Party missed a chance in not drumming up a candidate for Marion County Prosecutor.

Carl "Wrong Circle Of Friends" Brizzi isn't running, and good riddance to bad rubbish,* says I. The GOP found Mark Massa to run and he looked like a pretty good choice -- until I saw his sleazy attack ad on the TV this morning. (Quick read: the Dem running against him once defended a guy charged with icky sex crimes, which Mark's ad says is evidence he shouldn't be Prosecutor; it seems Mark doesn't understand that once you've arrested them, even sickos are entitled to a fair trial. IMO, a public hanging should follow, just as soon as they're found guilty; but everyone gets his day in court. 'Cos it could be your turn next and the police try to get this sort of thing right but they're only human).

Well, okay, there's always the Dem, right? And even when I loathe their principles, they're usually earnest and hardworking little nitwits, especially newbies like Terry Curry... Yeah. Except he's a gun-grabber. Thinks We The People have too many firearms ("even semiautomatics," quoth he, Oh. The. Horror.) and he says it's wayyy too easy for us to get more.

Y'know, it's a pity the recently-resigned BMV director didn't get nicked working a public loo in time to get his name on the ballot, 'cos right now I'd vote for a man who hangs out at the bus station before I'd vote for Terry or Mike. At least his creepiness was only small-scale.

We could pick a better Prosecutor by opening the phonebook at random and leafing forward from that point 'til an attorney's listing showed up.

Mike, repudiate that ad, fast and in public! Terry, learn the truth and say it loud: a firearm in the hands of any law-abiding citizen isn't a crime.

Or forget my vote. I'll sit that race out. And press for removal of whichever of you wins, on grounds of ignorance: clearly, neither one of you understands the State or Federal Constitution and you're therefore unqualified for the office of Prosecutor. Maybe you two should shine shoes in the City-County Building and see if maybe you could pick up a little lawyer-talk that way!
* Mind you, I suspect him of being kind to children and animals and I should not be in the least surprised to learn he loves his spouse, supposing he's got one. But his taste in friends was lousy.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Sleazy attack ad isn't that sleazy. Hold your nose. Or let the gun grabber win by doing something else.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Or think of it like this, "I made a mistake on one thing running a bad ad." vs. "the very political philosophy I attach to is anathema to your rights and always will be, no mistake."

Roberta X said...

No. Mark can only get my vote if he publicly disavows that ad.

Everyone is entitled to legal representation. Even miserable, low-down pervs, much as it sickens me to say.

Roberta X said...

NJT, suggesting some defendants don't deserve representation is saying, "the very political philosophy I attach to is anathema to your rights and always will be, no mistake."

WTF good are your guns if they can railroad you in court with impunity?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Was Terry a public defender assigned to the molestation case, or did he choose to defend it?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

And here is something as a peace offering, if I need it.

Roberta X said...

NJT: you've got some magic motive-reading mojo? --Or should we always assume the worst: the lawyer defending a DUI's a drunkard, Andy Miller's attorney must surely be a member of the rest-stop set, and no criminal defense attorney should be allowed within mile of a bank, lest he or she knock the place over in lieu of a home loan?

Roberta X said...

Not personal but the only "point" I see you and Mark making is a smear-by-association and one that assumes some defendants don't deserve a lawyer. Hey, you know who're members of a reviled minority in some states? Gunnies, that's who.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

But what about the peace offering?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Is it is your duty to represent someone, do so.

If it is not your duty, you are allowed to say no. Folks that go out of their way to choose to represent someone, that says something.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

but I could have the nuance of the whole situation wrong.

Stranger said...

I was in a cafe when the Gov came in hunting votes, and hit up a guy in uniform with one sleeve pinned up.

"Hey soldier, I want your vote."

"Can't" said the Corporal as he punched Born to Lose in the jukebox.

"Why'n'ell NOT" screamed the outraged governor.

"I can't hold my nose and vote with just one arm," was the Corporals reply.

Sometimes we just have to hold our nose and vote because the alternative is the worst man wins.

And sometimes the best candidates do not write their own commercials.


Roberta X said...

NJT: Yes, it says something. One of several possibilities:
1. "I believe everyone deserves adequate representation in court."
2. "I think this guy is innocent"
3. "He has money, I have a law degree; if I defend him, I'll have my degree and his money!"
4. "Us perverts gotta stand up for one another."
You and Mark want me to think 4. Me, I'm leanin' to 3, mostly, with a hint of 1.

Stranger: besides, the GOP beats you up so much less than the other guys? No. N-O. Look, Mark's ad throws the Constitution over the side in order to win the job. He let it be released. He "approves of this message."

Barring a public announcement from either one (Terry might see the light about guns, though I doubt it), I'm sitting this one out. If the Dem wins, oh, well: at least I know where he stands. Mark Massa? To judge by that ad, he hasn't got principles; he just wants to win. Might as well elect a rabid dog Prosecutor. Or re-elect Brizzi. Or let Curry have it. I'd rather work to impeach a Democrat than a Republican anyway; call it nostalgic sentimentality for Barry Goldwater.

Roberta X said...

PS: Peace offering is kewl. We disagree, it's not like one of us has to be the villain. It's a matter of what weights one gives to which issues.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Awww, But I WANTED to be a villain. Halloween is coming and...

Wade said...

After practicing law for ten+ years, I'm almost at the conclusion that no one who wants to be a prosecutor should be allowed to be one.

With the number of idiotic laws (concealed weapons statutes, underage drinking laws, drug laws) that prosecutors are encouraged to enforce zealously, anyone who volunteers for the job should be suspect to anyone who respects liberty.