Friday, October 29, 2010

It's A Bad, Mean World.

I went to Target to get a couple of new pillows tonight. When I found the pillow aisle, there it was: every size, every stuffing material and the full range of support: Extra Firm, Very Firm, Firm and Medium.

I couldn't help it. For just an instant, I reverted to childhood and remarked, "No nice, soft pillowses at all? This is a bad, bad world."

Bought a couple of Mediums. I guess it beats a brick, or those wooden supports Geishas use to keep from ruining their hair. But geesh!


Carteach0 said...

Try buying a 'firm' toothbrush. It's easier to find cat3 explosives on the store shelves.

I guess we must be protected from overdoing that whole 'brushing the teeth' thing..... sigh.

Stranger said...

The current medium pillow is what soft used to be. But if you want a pillow that has a lot of loft but will squash to nothing under the weight of an earring, let your fingers do the walking to a hotel supplier.


wv catel. A motel for cats. A perfect description of mi casa.


og said...

Indeed! When I see firm toothbrushes I stock up. And I like a feather pillow rather than those noncompliant foam horrors. I'm allergic to down, but they make hypoallergenic down pillows now (Don't know how they manage it, but I'm glad) in any event I'd rather have the occasional nosebleed than sleep with my head propped up on a couch cushion, which is what "medium" feels like to me.

John Peddie (Toronto) said...

The 18 th hole at a rural golf course would likely have some goose down "on the hoof".

Meat, pillow stuffing, a service to humanity and new golfer friends-all with one squeeze of a trigger.

Jenny said...

Somewhere is the pillow from my Dad's mom still floating around his house. I've sewn that thing up prolly half a dozen times already, the ticking prolly predates color movies and I don't want to think about how many birdie generations of birdies have passed since some gave their all to fill the thing.

It's still the awesomest piller ever. Down rocks. :)

Sevesteen said...

Every stuffing material? I don't believe you, but I'm going to check Target anyway to see if they really have feather pillows. I'm guessing that the closest they have is some abomination with a small handful of down in a quilted fiberfill cover.

Feathers are the proper pillow filling material. Down is related in the same way that buttermilk is related to butter

John A said...

Carteach0 beat me (and it seems others) to it. Toothbrushes. To get a "firm" you have to go to a dollar-and-under store. And yes, the reasoning is that some dentist someplace worried that to firm a toothbrush might scratch the enamel. When I was a young'un, the advice was to always brush up-and-down never across or circles: tell you dentist today that you always brush the way I was taught and get yelled at!

Pillows and matresses. My big peeve is that 90percent are "memory foam." Look, back when feathers were the [major] stuffing a common complaint was that mattresses "remembered". Sag. Trough. Riverbed. Being unable to turn over - or move much at all. So now this is a GOOD thing?

rickn8or said...

Just so the pillow has a cool side...

WV: catic Ear mites??

Roberta X said...

Target did, indeed, have feather pillows.

I don't use feather or down pillows. I don't get along well with them.

My pair of Medium pillows, two different brands, are okay so far. The old ones had no fluff left.