Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Day, Part 16

Hey, I've got two weeks and all I need to do is get Sherriff Mike some better intelligence on George Wells and his bunch; maybe he'll just round 'em all up and won't need me at all.

Maybe I'll get a pony for Christmas too -- but it'd probably be on the menu if I did. Gonna be a busy fortnight.

* * *

"Busy fortnight?" Roberta, Mistress Of The Understatement: as far as the Chief was concerned, our Date With Technological Destiny meant it was high time the 'Drive Compartment got a thorough cleaning and every last subassembly, part, manual, bit of software and even tool that was old, worn and/or not immediate applicable would be chucked in the Recycle bins and, if possible, entirely disposed of. Times like these, I am reminded of the persistent rumor that he is one of the very few guys to have made the transition from NASA's oh-so-public grandstanding disinformation campaign to the real deal; his aversion to excess sure fits that profile.



Butch_S said...

Reminds me of a story related by a machinist who was working in the land of the Rising Sun. Every so often, the higher ups in the company would decree that everything not currently being used should be disposed of. Everything from the odd lengths of leftover materials to *very* expensive machine tooling and fixtures, if they didn't have an immeadiate need for something, it was dumped into the scrap bins.

sam said...

Very nice, pretty eyes. Story flow is good, and we learn a leetle bit more about our heroine.

"ElRonnange" *snork* That's almost requires a beverage warning.

Fun read.

perlhaqr said...

Butch_S: As both a packrat and a machinist, that story makes me cross my legs and squeal uncomfortably.

I can't imagine space being more valuable than stock or tools.