Sunday, October 25, 2009

October BlogMeet!

Wonderful turnout, friends old and new, some who we've not seen in some time, some who've been at every BlogMeet; bloggers and readers. It was a wonderful time. I have photos and links and names, and will post them all as time allows. At least 14 in attendance.
Here we see Amanda (Tam and I both remarked how cute her hair is) and Red (with a new and superkewl blog title!), Og's friend Mike, Old Grouch, Wayne, Og, Brigid, new friend and visiting blogger Jay was just out of the frame, Tam can be barely glimpsed, as can Shootin' Buddy. I would have been at the far end of the table, too.

Mr. B and Midwest Chick were at the Indy 1500, working the Strike Hold* booth; they showed up after 4:00.

Joanna happened to be away for the first photo. She was there for these two, wearing a NaNoWriMo sticker: "Be nice, or I'll put you in my novel!" A better view of Owen at left (he's hidden behind Og in the first photo and wins "best use of cover and/or concealment); Jay (himself winner of the coveted Cup of Turnonistan award, which consisted of, well, this mention) is once again out of the frame (sorry, Jay!). He's a lot taller and wider of shoulder that most mortals.

Thought I'd Never Hear It: Tam, to Midwest Chick: "Your turse is way more tactical than mine!" MOLLE-capable tactikewt purses, I am so gonna save up!

Also learned that the kit-built Segway copy lacks the designed-for-quiet gearing of the original: "Sounds like you're riding a blender around!" Yikes!

...I had two (2!) hard ciders, came home, posted some music, dozed off, woke, had a snack, dozed off again, woke and here I am...and I'm headed for bed. Tomorrow, another busy day.

See you at the next Indy BlogMeet?
* Strike Hold is a dry-film lubricant with interesting and useful properties. SB tried a sample can at the range Sunday morning. Verdict? "It works!" Neat stuff -- ask Mr. B. (Somebody tell the FTC I got a free sample, too. Try it and make up your own mind).


Owen said...

ooof, I'm printing pretty bad.

Roberta X said...

And Wayne was open-carrying. Gosh, I love Indiana!

og said...

One thing about being fat ans wearing a shoot-me-vest, you can just about carry an MP5 and nobody notices. Hey, I never did get to show anyone my homemade holster!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Damn it! I missed Og?

Just. Damn. :(

Home on the Range said...

It was a great time!

I had a P220 under my big old bulky shirt. And I didn't even harm a hippie.

It was great to meet Owen and Jay and Mr B. and Midwest Chick. Glad I made the drive in.

Midwest Chick said...

I love my turse. I think you all were just impressed by the handy Cold Steel holder. :-)

Can't wait to get the pouch to attach to the other side......

red said...

Good times, glad we could make it!

wv: dorphile

Tam said...

"Gosh, I love Indiana!"

I always wonder which freaks the hippies out more: Wayne OC'ing or Og holding forth about slaughtering plains game out front during our smoke breaks. :D

og said...

I have more stories. And I can also take off the shoot-me-vest and open carry too, for further experimentation.

If you have any intention of visiting Cabelas Hammond anytime soon, warn me, and we can go to my club. 3- 50 yard and a 100 yard range, and trap, lots of steel, and you can shoot the backhoe, I would love for you to shoot it. I can sometimes get weekdays if that makes things easier for you.

Turk Turon said...

Sorry I missed it!

The Big Guy said...

Thank you all for the kindness extended to me at the Blogmeet, it was just awesome to meet everyone...

I assumed y'all would be cool, but you just blew all my expectations away- the 'meet even overshadowed my visit to the Indy 1500...and that's saying something.

I will definitely make the trip again...It was so worth it to meet all of you in person.

(The Big Guy)
(Blogroll update in process!)