Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rocket News

Scaled Composites' policy on news releases is an actual application of Buckminster Fuller's rueful maxim, "Never show unfinished work." Withal, in the face of this huge churnin' rumor-mill we like to call Teh Innernet even Scaled bends a little, with one of the most diplomatic takes on "don't listen to ijits" I've yet read. (PDF)

Elsewhere, Scaled's serious experience with and understanding of very large composite wings is criticized by random people on the Internet who do not appear to understand which parts of the vehicle are doing what.

Speaking of Rutans, I want a Rocket Racing League T-shirt. I've never been much for spectator sports but in this instance, I'm willing to learn.


Turk Turon said...

That T-shirt would look good on you.

Seems they can't call it the American Rocket Racing League.

Don said...

Very nice smackdown from the folks at Scaled.

I'm with you on the spectator sports thing, too. I just don't have the interest. However, I could become a fan of flight racing; NASCAR wouldn't have anything on those pilots.

Anonymous said...

Spectate? Look, if you're telling me that there is a rocket-powered hot rod out there, re-startable motor and all, I want *in*.