Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Machine Stops 'Em Faster

Leaping off from a barely-related start -- gelaskins for netbooks and laptops -- I was reminded of the sticker on Woody Guthrie's guitar. Can't say I much like a lot of his politics but he did have an anti-authoritarian streak a yard wide, which I view as a mildly redeeming factor (and then there's the music! Fine, fine, he's Red but this land is still your land, and my land, too).

Good slogans live on; I've always thought the original (or a modern version) would work well on a typewriter or netbook.

Still, the pen is mightier than the sword but it's not as fast. How'd this look on your AR-15? Considering that I already kind of borrowed the slogan, I couldn't possibly claim copyright for this image.


Anonymous said...

Eta mashina ubivaet fashistov bolee bistro.

Shootin' Buddy

Stranger said...

Very nice. I don't know how it will print on an Avery label; or how that label will stick on a Magpul stock, but I will try it.

Don't fault Woody's politics too much. By modern standards he was not really red, just sort of pinkish.

And of course, unless you are like Humpty Dumpty and insist words mean only what you say they mean, most "Conservatives" should properly be called Liberal: while most of those who call themselves "progressive" are regressives.

Wrong headed reactionaries who would carry us into a past where Simon le Gris still beats his slaves to death.


Anonymous said...

Other slogans on Soviet tanks:

Na Berlin--To Berlin
Na Zapad--To the West (Westward)
K Pobeda!--To Victory
Bei Fashistov--Kill the Fascists
Bei Fritsev--Kill the Fritzes (Russian term for "Jerries")
Za Stalina--For Stalin
Za Rodiny--For the Motherland (common)
Mech Stalina--The Sword of Stalin

Russians would also paint the names of poets, authors, cities, inter alia on tanks. My 3rd year oral Russian professor told me that a woman's name was usually given to the tank but that was never on the outside.

Woody not a red? Why did he scribble on his guitar? (To support the Soviet Union).

Old Left, hardcore Stalinist.

Shootin' Buddy

Roberta X said...

Stranger, do you have a laser printer? I may have an answer for you: printable water-release decals! Micro-Mark sells them -- scroll down the linked page for part numbers for their "Try-it Packs," a few sheets of the stuff and the spray fixative for it.

Roberta X said...


og said...

I'd replace "Faster" with "Deader"

Tam said...

This land is my land
This land ain't your land
From California
To the New York Island
I've got a shotgun
And you ain't got one
I'll blow your head off
If you don't get off
This land is private property.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Great. Now you're inspired a bunch of hipster folk musicians to go out and get an AR and then murder everyone to the right of Sen. Bernie Sanders. ( as that's the folk musician definition of fascist )

Roberta X said...

...Y'know, speakin' hypothetically, there's more than a few in there I wouldn't miss -- and the ones I would miss are the most likely to shoot back!

(Don't try this at home, kids -- remember, if you vote them out, they'll experience humiliating defeat and most of them will then languish unhappily in obscurity. It's better that way).

BobG said...

I think some version of it would be good as an inlay in some pistol grips.

Joanna said...

Like I said at Tam's, a guitar ain't killing anything unless it's lined with lead. Typewriters, on the other hand ...

Rick R. said...

Who is that company that will use a laser to bleach the die out of your anodization (without, apparantly, affecting the anodizing itself) to create whatever 2-D monotone image you can provide them?

That would look pretty nifty on the other side of the mag well. . .

Ken said...

They'll languish unhappily in obscurity at your/my/our expense, one notes -- perpetual expense, too. Are you sure the schadenfreude is worth it?

Standard Mischief said...

Hearing Woody imitate a train on the harmonica and guitar almost make it worth hearing Alan Lomax talk over-top of the whole recording.

I really like your twist on the phrase, though. I've been test driving some variation since way before Robb was trying to come up with something for his project. I was thinking something like "This eeeevvil black rifle kills fascists much better that your crappy guitar"

of course, on the other side you need to put Uncle's (or one of his commenters, I forget) classic: "For civilian use only"

Standard Mischief said...

forgot the link

Roberta X said...

Ken: Yep, not shooting them is totally worth it as long as there are peaceable -- even loudly peacable -- means of addressing the problem. Once you start shootin' 'em, there's a good chance the wrong lizard might get shot.

(Name the reference and I'll name something after you).

Ken said...

I know, I know, I was just being cranky. My apologies. I suppose that if by some cosmic slip-up we did vote 'em all out, we could rescind their sinecures too.

I'd have to Google to name the reference, which feels like cheating.

stranger said...

Probably late - but I said "by modern standards" Woody was sort of pinkish.

About Pepto Bismol pink, much the same as George Mitchell, Obama's middle east Kommissar. Never a Party member, just a fellow traveler. And open about it, as many were in those days.

There are many far redder in the regime, such as Anita Dunn. Who is scarlet for Communism. As is Van Jones, ex Kommisar. Safe schools Kommissar Kevin Jennings. Arne Duncan. And others.

Why the label? Unlike "George Orwell," Guthrie did not fight in Spain. But he wanted to show solidarity with the Spanish Republicans. That's all.