Sunday, October 18, 2009

Opposed To Cap And Trade? Taxed Half To Death?

You're not alone: has been running TV ads to mobilize citizens against cap-and-trade. Then we've got ads asking our help in preventing the nationalsocialization of health care and even more ads pointing out the ill effects of adding a tax on soft drinks.* Plus, here in Indy, competing pro/con campaigns on floating a loan to "fix up" recently-renovated (and yet claimed to be in disrepair -- so did we get ripped off already?) Wishard Hospital, a plan that could result in a real-estate tax increase even larger than the recent huge increase.

Hey, Congress? President Obama? Ijits at Wishard? We're in a recession. Turning the public upside down and shaking us to get the last few cents from our pockets and purses is prolly gonna make us angry. You won't like us when we're angry. --Aw, hell, you don't like us now. But you like your jobs, don't you? 2010 is upon us -- and 2012 is not that far off.
* Some of the Great Minds have even proposed using such a tax to pay for the extra cost of nationalsocialized health care -- you know, the "plan" that's supposed to save money? Soooo, let's see if we can follow the thinking: sugary soft drinks are bad for you, so we will tax it to make you drink them less, then use the tax revenue to pay for health care...revenue that will drop as you make healthier choices based on the tax? Yeah, gee, that'd work: if soda pop were the sole cause of disease, injury and illness. I'm not finding it listed very high on the CDC's stats.


Midwest Chick said...

Thanks for the links to these.

BTW, next week (I think starting today) is an 'organic' media blitz begun by the White House promoting Obama's

They are taking over the airwaves--television show scripts (including NCIS), in-show announcements, commercials, etc. Breitbart over at Big Hollywood has a bunch of articles.

Joseph said...

That is one reason for the ever increasing taxes on cigarettes. The gov't makes a lot of money off of sales taxes; I'd look for increases across the board on most Federal sales taxes in the future, I don't thing Obama could ever get a VAT type tax passed.

Stranger said...

The Hot House ("hot enough to grow orchids) estimates the cost of the carbon tax at almost $1800 per family per year. Unless HS math has changed since 1948, you can multiply that by 4. To cure a disease that does not exist.

Ditto the initial cost for ObamaCare. Which will be at $25,000 yr/family around 2025. Also to cure a non-existent disease.

And if I remember Konrad Breck's back lot comments on Hitler's rise correctly, sounds like like
the Hitler Jugend und der Sturmabteilung rolled into ein.

Where's Woody Guthrie's guitar when you need it?


Tango Juliet said...

Even these bozos can't be THIS ignorant. It is a deliberate attempt to destroy the US economy.

Anonymous said...

On waisted tax dollars has anyone seen or heard where the Indy fire departments huvercraft went???

Unknown said...

Let Congress know that Americans can not afford cap and trade. Visit to write your Senators and voice opposition to this costly legislation.