Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things That Went ZAP!, Updated

Worked last night/this morning from 2345 to 0800 (after a Rich Full Day), found and replaced some Very Bad Stuff a few hundred feet above ground level...and the miserable thing still glitched bigtime about o930. Knock wood, it was just a single hit and reset okay, unlike the previous one. ::Whistles past graveyard::


Turk Turon said...

Well, crap! Sounds like it was hot and high. Glad you're OK.

Wait a minute. You didn't go tower climbing in the dark, did you? Get a Stooge to do that for you, while you stay safely on the ground, looking up and wearing a Stooge-deflecting helmet.

Jeffro said...

a few hundred feet above ground level

I was with ya until that point. Brrr.

B said...

Keep the beams going no matter what? Even climbing towers in the dark? I'll call you Don Channing then.

Bet it was cold way up there by yourself in the dark. Been there, done the. It's only worse if it is raining or icy.