Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Work On A Starship, Update

Stupid ansibles! I have two new episodes from my alter-ego on the Hidden Frontier. They happen after the currently-published mystery has been solved -- and I haven't received the last chapter or chapters of the mystery itself!

I'm blaming the ansible network. FTL messages can only be sent between ships outracing light (though I keep hearing rumors the Far Edge has something new, different and not subject to that limitation). That means sending a message from normal space requires handing it off to a ship ready to depart; she must've sent the last part of the mystery with one vessel and the subsequent two items on different one. (I'd check the e-mail headers but you know they're spoofed to maintain security).

New updates at I Work On A Starship soon!


sam said...


danno said...

Please... take your time and get it right. I was a big RAH fan even though many stories proceed along nicely then everybody dies, The End.

Later I picked up his "tales beyond the grave" where he was very proud to have never "missed" a deadline. That explains a lot.



Roberta X said...

I hate stories that end that way. There's a (living) writer whose work I enjoy a lot who turned out a decent novel built around a marvelous idea and followed it with a really great series of four connected books filled with mostly noble characters...and the came out with a rather more lit'ry yarn set in the same universe, a generation later that had one of those "everybody dies" endings, but only after revealing the entire cast of characters as shallow, stupid and deeply, deeply flawed. I was more than slightly vexed, having sent hundreds of pages getting to know those people. I guess he's got another book out; I'll wait 'til it shows up at the used-book store.

The advantage to writing this stuff myself is that I don't have to do that; the advantage to writing in a plastic medium is I can always go back and edit! --Of course, since the characters and events are all real (or mostly -- like Huck Finn says, I tell some stretchers here and there), there's a limit to how much editing I can do....