Saturday, October 17, 2009

Battling Amphibians

One sign we're Livin' The The Future: competing, low-priced (as such things go), garagable amphibious airplanes for the Sport Pilot.

The SeaRey, a kind of baby PBY and the Icon A5, something out of the Core worlds of the Firefly universe.

Similar ideas have been tried before without making much of a ripple but hey, that's how progress is made.

It makes me want to study for a pilot's certificate again. Then I look at my finances and decide otherwise; but still, a girl can dream, can't she?


Ritchie said...

Light aircraft aren't that expensive if you also use them for primary residence. The numbers could work out, the book case and reloading bench not so much. Although, there are still DC-3s on the market and they have been put on floats. You could sub-let the floats.

Home on the Range said...

If I hadn't got my license when I did I probably couldn't afford to. It's gotten really expensive with fuel and insurance costs.

But you should dream. I will never regret the hours in the air, though I REALLY regret selling the Cub.

Getting over a short run with the flu (the non swine variety) so lying low this weekend. Now you make me want to pick up an Ernest Gann novel and settle in front of a fire.

Crucis said...

A friend of mine picked up an ultra-light a few years ago. I've gone up in it a couple of times. It's nice for clear VFR flights away from air traffic. Light a/c have just about priced themselves out of my market. Ultra-lights are still affordable but don't expect to do any cross-country flights more than a few counties.

Anonymous said...

The Sea Rey looks at first glance like a well-thought, purposefully designed aircraft. The Icon looks flashy, but it has that too-much-plastic style to it that makes me think it'd be a pain for whoever pulls the wrenches on it.

Thanks for the link, too!


Timmeehh said...

Love the ICON A5. It really does have a Firefly look to it.