Sunday, October 18, 2009

Double Famous!

Mad Mike's daughter's pink-furniture AR-15 is double-famous: PSH-er Garen Wintemute includes a photo of it as an (oh, horrors!) attempt to make guns appealing to women. ...Well, women in grade school, at least!

Go here (PDF warning), barf, scroll down to page 5-5 and check out photo 7. Laugh at the silly doctor and move on.

Oh, and doc? I didn't buy 'em 'cos they were pink; I bought 'em to stop bad guys. I bought a couple of them, my SKS and my AR-15, because I wanted them and hysterics like you didn't want me to have 'em. And, you silly, silly man, an armed woman has got a lot less to worry about when it comes to misogyny and violence against women; the rudest, most dismissive fellows I ever met were on your side of the spectrum.

Geez, if he was on about flouridation, he'd be a natural for a Kubrick movie, right down to freakin' out 'cos there are kids involved. "Children's ice cream, Mandrake! Think of it!" Where's COL Batguano when you need him?


Tango Juliet said...

I don't get it. First we're told that women are smart, strong, independent minded and shouldn't be dismissed out of hand 'cause they're women. Then, we're told that any attempt to make firearms more appealing to women is taking advantage of them.

Which is it? Can women think for themselves or not?

Divemedic said...

I read the entire thing, and other than "gun show attendees are not nice or politically correct," I don't get his point.

Roberta X said...

Lorimor, I've been told to say we can't. ;)

Divemedic: yep.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Wintenut. Wait 'til someone mentions to him that Men and women make great teams - interlocking fields of fire!

I'll bring beer, Bobbi can bring popcorn and pizza, we'll watch Wintenut's head explode. Rated strictly PG, folks.

Remotely, RX said...

I've been considering adding a dollop of Cholula hot sauce to the olive oil when I make popcorn -- would that fit the occasion?

he may have to nuke himself from orbit to make sure.

Tam said...

Shyte, does this mean I need to give in to the patriarchal mind-control waves and go buy a pink gun?

Anonymous said...

Dr. F: "What do women want?"
Dr. W: "Why pink guns, of course."

I always thought that the pink guns were an inside joke, or like the pink chipmunks they are for the very young female shooters such as my neice (who with 4 brothers is a girly-girl).

Apparently they appeal to you wimminfolk. So, how does Dr. W. know that the pink guns appeal to wimmin and not homosexual males?

I'm going to have to spray paint a couple of guns for Christmas.

Shootin' Buddy

Paul said...

Man, the PDF just blows. Who could be so dim as to really write such a piece of trash?

If you want a pink gun, have a party. To me guns have wood and metal parts. No paint. But if you want something different, go for it.

John Wayne lived on a boat off the coast of Mexico becuase he thought America as unrecognizable and that was in the 60's.

I always liked him in Cowboys.

Women are smart and cute, only the Democrats think they are to stupid to know what they are doing. Kinda makes you wonder about women senators that are Democrats.