Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Morning And New Stuff To Learn

Okay, who out there knows how to work a Wagner PowerPainter? Gonna be an interesting day.


Anonymous said...

I do!

If I had it to do again I would not purchase a Wagner though.

What's the problem?

Shootin' Buddy

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Take the Painter out of the box.

Read the instruction manual thoroughly.

Gently place the unit inside your trashbin.

Forget it ever existed.

Roberta X said...

I have not bought one yet. I need to paint the house, that's the problem, and I am totally not gonna use a brush.

og said...

Rent a devilbiss of the type that have a hose that goes to a bucket. Then buy paint 5 gals at a time. Best way.

Wayne Conrad said...

Flush it out very well when done. The first time I used mine I didn't (thought I did), and the next time the pump complained its way through a clog. I finally gave mine up, the cleanup time making old-fashioned rollers not seem like so much work after all. You're good with gadgets; it probably won't be a problem for you.

Comrade Misfit said...

It's been a very long time, all I remember was that the key was to make sure it was really super-duper clean after each use.was

David Neylon said...

I think there's one in my storage unit in Fishers on Allisonville Rd. :)

Drang said...

I just went to AA Rents and rented a, um, er, paint thing. Probably what Og said, it had a hose and a bucket.

No Lolrus with the bukkit, tho'.

Anonymous said...

Why not rent a contractor grade power sprayer?

You have a Sunbelt Tool Rental place in Indy. What not dial them up?

Isn't it getting too cold to paint? Spring project?

Shootin' Buddy

Buffboy said...

Ahh, adventures in housepainting. Like NJT, SB & og, I say from having both, rent an airless, not the Wagner. You "WILL HATE" the Wagner in a very short time of using it to paint a house.

It took much longer to mask than paint my house with my airless. They are pretty simple to use, get 5 gal bucket, take stick, dip into paint, thin till it starts dripping/not running(stream) in 5 sec, then move like the wind because it will go quick. Get Tam to keep bucket filled and help move the ladder. If the actual painting takes longer than 2 hours, I'll be surprised.

Roberta X said...

The weather has turned on me. I got the West wall (worst one) primed. If I am darn lucky, I'll get some more priming done -- also, I'll pick up some semi-matching paint to slap on the walls visible from the street.

Badly done on my part. :( Early reports called for rain only on Tuesday. Oooooops.