Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick Update

I'm headed off for an overnight shift -- "wish me luck" sounds a little superstitious but what we're doing is something of a dice-roll. I'll take all the good luck I can get.

Quick update before I head out:

- Went to the Indy 1500, mostly as planned ( a little later than I'd've liked, as I dozed off briefly in the bathtub. It's small, I'm tall; still something of a shock to wake up and think, "My, isn't it chilly!") . Between cold weather, hard floors and the narrow aisles, my knee did not hold up well; I found some .38SA, met up with Tam and Shootin' Buddy, looked longingly at the new Sig .380 that's modeled on the Colt "Government .380" and headed out. Maybe next one I'll be able to spend more time. Did say Hi to several blogfriends.

- I Work On A Starship: recent research has revealed that Richard Sharpe Shaver worked briefly in Facilities Maintenance (i.e., mop-pushing) at the (then) Joint Army-Navy Experimental Technologies Team project HQ at Groom Lake NAS* immediately prior to his first publication on the so-called Shaver Mystery. This would have been during the run-up to the atomic weapon base on the Moon that resulted in the Far Edge mutiny; it is interesting to speculate what effect all that had on his muddled fantasies but we cannot be sure. Elsewhere, an artifact found not very long after -- or a copy of it -- has surfaced as art. It looks like a 'Drive component from a German "Glocke" FTL vehicle. I will post a picture and a link later. Then there are the so-called "green fireballs," more visible evidence of early 'Drive experimentation. See? It all holds together! :) :0
* Though "JANETT" is long-gone, the core members of it being the ones responsible both for planning the moonbase and the mutiny, the acronym lingers on in the radio call for personnel flights to and from the base. The ufologista never spell it correctly, of course.


sam said...

Well, I'll wish you luck, lovely one!

At least you found some fodder for the .38SA 1911 to eat.

And the thought of Bobbi in the bathtub composing the next part of the "Starship" saga makes me grin.

Ed Skinner said...

Interesting links. Thanks!