Monday, October 26, 2009

Automatic Bookmachine: Gotta Have A Name

Soooo, Harvard (properly pronounced, I am told, as if the "r" were either "h" or "a," yet another reason I am unsuited for Higher Ed), Haaaavaaaaad got an automatic book-making machine (no, no, it doesn't take bets, it prints and binds books! On demand, even).

Got one but...whaddaya call it? "Bookmachine" doesn't roll off the tongue and sounds like a High School garage band formed by members of the Science Fiction Club and rabid D&D hobbyists.... So they named it.

What the heck, linotypists and printers had names, too -- probably like "Stubby" or "Dirty Ed!" Harvard went a bit more...esoteric. Whimsical, even.

My thanks to a lurker who will let me know if screen credit is in order (right?)!


Drang said...

The name is actually kinda cute.

Makes me think of the version in the old Avenger's episode, it was used to actually write the books, and set up like a grand piano, major plots on white keys, sub-plots on black. in the denouement, of course, Steed hit the villain, he went sliding along and hit every key, and Steed then hit the bag guy with the resulting MS, which was about a foot thick, and pronounced unpublishable... was

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Need to put one of these in every Starbucks in the land.

Then maybe I'd consider going to buy a book.

Stranger said...

A former stockbroker from the "class of 24" pronounced it "Hawvud."

He bragged about his fine education - but the hardest work he ever did was take a short squint at the sun and a long squat in the shade.


Anonymous said...

Can we teach it to load mags?

See Ya

GunGeek said...

What does the "M" stand for?

Machine would be too obvious and too dull. Maker, maybe? Still not very good.