Thursday, October 23, 2008

Also In Town

(Remember, no matter what you hear, Hoosiers love chaos; this is the only possible explanation for things like the Indy 500 as a spectator sport). addition to the Media's Anointed Junior Senator from Illinois, the FFA's National Convention's in town!  This distinctively-dressed and conservative-lookin' bunch is always an interesting addition to the city scene (and they generally look to be having more fun than most folks ever get) and I can only imagine the looks that will be exchanged between the farther-out of the Senator's fans and many of the young folks in FFA.  Think of it as a broadening experience from both sides, friends.  Also a before-and-after of the good effects of soap and water. A-hem.

     Salient difference: attendees at the FFA gathering won't have to pass through metal detectors and they're not forbidden to carry umbrellas, while the reverse is true at the Hopey-Changey love-in.  If there's a message here, it's, "You can trust the agriculture careerists, but not the Democrats."  Okay, now tell me something I didn't know.   (Why did it have to be -- umbrellas?  Egads, has The Penguin been sendin' threatening notes?  Biff! Pow!  Geesh). 


    One thing I didn't know is that it's not "Future Farmers of America" any more and hasn't been for quite some time.  In an effort to broaden their scope, they did the RCA trick and changed their name to their initials.  Hey, it's your .org -- but remember, we all gotta eat: farmers are vital!


     ...High winds for this afternoon but I still wanna ride the scooter.  Haven't been able to all week and I'm still suspecting nimbleness will be to my advantage in the traffic: people high on politics tend to cluster and form huge snarls of idiocy.  Also they drive stupidly.

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Somerled said...

Those FFAers are good kids. Kansas City lost their annual convention support. It took the blue jackets for granted for too long.