Friday, October 24, 2008

Morning News

...I have got to stop setting my alarm-clock television to play the network morning news show; this morning they led with Doom (and a smile), followed up with Gloom (with an undercurrent of unholy glee), moved on to Partisan Chortling and followed up with Alan Greenspan's self-crucifixion in the name of New Dealism.  Stock Market's fixin' to tank and those heavyweight economic geniuses in Congress will take any excuse to meddle more, though most of it consists of posing for postcard photos with a burning Rome in the background.

     Also, it's raining.

     Laid there thinking, "Why even get out of bed?" 

     On the other hand:

   ● There's a BlogMeet coming up!  This very weekend.  Sunday, to be exact, 3:00 pm at Broad Ripple Brew Pub.  With The Breda and Her Mike, no less!  The Cup Of Turonistan will be awarded.  (We finally found the cup, rolled under the couch, it had).  Other amazing prizes will be given as well.  Gotta be there to win!

   ● Speakin' of Turonistan: the Venerable Turk sent a huge box of the bestest mood-lifters I have encountered.  Small, brightly colored, bagged, legal.  An' some will be awarded with the Cup!

   ● The Associated-please-let-us-back-on-blogs Press has a recent poll that puts Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain neck and neck; it's just one of many, most of which show a ten-point or greater lead for the Senator from Chicago but it tracks with some of the reports that the Hopey-Changey campaign's own numbers are running closer than what we're seein'.  Even HuffPo ran a thinkpiece.  Not so much on the think but at least they tried. (There are several innocent reasons for poll results to be skewed; a lot of people will play to what they think pollsters want to hear and the Democrats traditionally do better in the demographics most likely to have time and inclination to answer nosey questions).  Withal, please get out there and vote!  McCain, Barr, somebody; just don't stay home and let your neighbor do it.  He'll get it wrong.   The future belongs to those who show up.

   ● The Indy 1500 is in town this weekend! Yayy!  

  ● Tam, her shooty pal and I will be shooting in a  bowlin' pin match this weekend, too.  I'm thinking about trying the old .38 Super 1911 on 'em.   Sights aren't much but hey, that matches my aim.  ;)  Where's my nail file and the flat white nail polish...?

     All right, I'm awake.  Now if only I can remember how to operate the shower...!  No scooter today: rain, icky but no stopper.  Fall leaves, pretty, not without danger but not a stopper.  Add 'em up, it's a different thing.  Wet leaves?  Bzzt!  No-Go.  And I'll be enjoying not sliding, too.  


the pawnbroker said...

damn, bx, you oughta bang your head on a pipe more often...seems to have cracked the levee and let loose a flood of freethought/write, as it were.

hope you're okay, though...jtc

phlegmfatale said...

The good thing about wet leaves is that you can legitimately beg off the raking chore till another day.

Drang said...

grumble, grumble, something I was going to ask you and Tam to look for at the Fun Show, can't remember, grumble...

Drang said...

Ooh! Ooh! I remember! Bazooka Brothers! AR45! They're in Indy! Are they at the show? Check it out and let us know what you think!

(I just wish I was a state where I could have a select-fire AR in .45 ACP, feeding from Grease Gun mags...)

(Should I have asked Tam about this...?)

Word: Is wrica a Japanese witch...? (I'm gonna get my @$$ kicked for that...)

phlegmfatale said...

And now the weekend is here and I'm thinking wistfully of tomorrow and having blogmeet envy. Srsly. You guys are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Now you've done it. I've been wanting to join your blogmeet, and go to the Indy 1500, and they're the same weekend this time.

WV: bansis -- ban *this* -- with a lisp?

Roberta X said...

So, we'll see you there, Loki? Don't forget to go to the 1500 first -- it closes earlier Sunday.