Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Quick History Of Envy

...From Joe the Plumber to Mr. Lincoln's war with stops at (the odious) Wilson[1] and Bryan, a blogger (!) editorializing[2] in the Christian Science Monitor discusses the past and present of the Progressive's progressive taxation, pointing out links to an ages-old weakness of popular democracy. (Bonus: Progressive scorn for the "outmoded" Constitution from nearly a hundred years ago. Sheesh).

More on the topic, here. Not sure I agree with the conclusion of point one, which smacks entirely too much of "economic justice."
1. It's a title he earned quite fairly, over and over and over.
2. Scott Johnson at Powerline, a "blog" in about the same way an aircraft carrier is a "ship:" yes but way bigger. Gee, no oarlocks?

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Somerled said...

Cordell Hull, a Tenneessee Democrat and chairman of the House Ways and Means committee during the Taft administration, is sometimes called "The Father of the 16th Amendment." He was later FDR's secretary of state.

Here's a link you may find interesting, Roberta. Just wipe the barbecue sauce and grease off your fingers before you go much farther.

Hopefully the hog roast went well. Who had the most sauce on their shirt when it was all over?