Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'd've Thought Wood

Admit it, his various and sundry pronouncements have had you always suspecting his head was an inert object, too:Sorry to say the news story itself is nothing unusual, granting the whole wax-head-of-a-Beatle thing: fellow was taking it to auction and left it on the train, from whence it found its way into a dumpster. Bum Panhandler Homeless person Urban outdoorsman finds it, a reward has been offered, it's all-you-can-drink/shoot up/snort night a new chance for a better life for him and -- hey-la, wotta wild stroke of luck -- all maner of media-attention has focused on the Wax Head Of Sir Paul as it heads for the (auction) block (in a wax tumbrel?  Alas, no). What with all the fuss, Forgetful Owner is innocently hopeful it'll bring a better price.

     And only a cold-hearted cynic would mutter "cherchez le lucre."

1 comment:

Jeffro said...

Sir Paul may have a wooden head, but he dern sure understands marketing.