Thursday, October 30, 2008

They're Doing It Again

Caught a Network TV Morning Show piece on the sad machine-gun death of a child in Massechussetts and after some back-and-forth and handwringing, the reporter intoned, "...This tragedy has focused attention in the issue of children and semi-automatic weapons...." (emphasis mine).

    It's the ol' Three-Card Monte once more.  Watch 'em closely -- they walk in talking about "machine guns" and walk out trying to ban or restrict ordinary one shot per trigger press firearms.

     Fully-automatic weapons are not semi-automatic.
     "Automatic weapons" are not semi-automatic.
     Semiautomatic weapons fire once when you apply pressure to the trigger.
     Fully-automatic weapons are not semi-automatic.
     "Automatic weapons" are not semi-automatic.

     Let's help our dear pals in the media understand this, or they'll try to turn a kid's horribly unfortunate death when the Uzi slipped into another try at banning your Ruger rifle, Tam's AR-15 and my SKS.


Anonymous said...

I don't really have a problem with responsible adults having semi-automatic weapons like Uzis... I don't understand the desire to, but hey I don't understand the desire to own Milli Vanilli CDs either...

But the sheer lunacy of allowing an 8yr to fire it is beyond my comprehension.

Why didn't anyone say "Sorry kid you're 8. Come back when you start shaving..."

red said...

We must have been watching the same show. I almost spit my generic frosted mini-wheats all over the place in anger.

alan said...

This accident had nothing to do with the SMG and everything to do with common sense and safety.

Even though I own a full auto M11 I certainly don't let my 8 year old daughter shoot it. But I also don't let her shoot revolvers, pistols or rifles.

Common sense is the failure here, not the gun.

Tam said...

Tam doesn't have an AR-15 anymore.

I'll have to shoot zombies with my Garand; oh woe is me!

Crucis said...

I've already had that conversation with a Miami reporter. Bottom line is, they just don't care. If it supports their agenda, they'll use whatever term to slant the story.