Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mmm-mmm Good!

Or not too bad and they make smoke come out the ears of über-sofizztickated posers, which is a whole 'nother level of good: gummi candies shaped like tractors and farm animals!

Best line in the review: "With the John Deere branding on the box, it could just as well have contained sparkplugs..." Oh, yeah. They stick to my dental work, but sign me up.

So, when do we get the version shaped like tiny AR-15s, mooseheads, tiaras, eyeglasses and maps of Alaska?


Turk Turon said...

Be careful what you wish for!

BobG said...

I'd love to see some with firearm related shapes. Just the PSH in the media would be worth it.

Anonymous said...

This calls for my favorite tractor joke..

Q: Why are John Deeres green?
A: So they can hide in the bushes while the red(IH) and orange(Allis Chambers) tractors do all the work!

What can I say - Farmall for life! :)

Jenny said...

Would you settle for moose nuggets? :)

Roberta X said...

Jenny, as long as it's not Alaskan humor.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Here I am, finally catching up, and nobody's mentioned the gummi lighthouse candies?