Tuesday, October 07, 2008

High Weekend Hopes, Busy Day

Indiana Historical Radio Society meet Saturday (I must renew my membership!), Battle of Mississinewa Sunday (I'm pretty sure we'll defeat the Crown forces yet again), maybe some range time somewhere later Saturday -- Eagle Creek, if the IMPDs aren't still usin' it for training. Or Atterbury if I haven't been able to get down there any sooner.

Went down to Beech Grove Firearms with Tam today; they're doing the transfer for her "Gun Blog 9" from Para Ordnance. Right across from the Amtrak repair yards -- or, if your ballon is tinfoil-covered, Teh NWO Death Camp Of Eeeevil. Hmpf! Look, say the wildest-eyed of our fellow citizens are right: if that's the best the Feds can do death-campwise, we can all relax; County jails are hundreds of times tougher. The place is just about secure enough to be...a train yard.

Couple of things caught my eyes at BGF: a nice-lookin' Star PD and a nickelled Colt 1911A1 (call me weak: shi-ny. Besides, it would make a set with my deep-reblued 1911 .38SA). ...Tam's antsy to get me over to [another local gun shop] to see a pair of Savage pistols. Marvelous ergonomics, nice-looking in a Steampunk/Deco way, unusual in design and function and -- thanks to design that reacts poorly to dirt -- not especially practical to carry. But you've got to admire a striker-fired pistol with what appears to be an external hammer! They are the most natural-pointing pistols I have ever held; I own one in .32 and it is easy to shoot accurately.

I was hankering for Yats (spicy food over rice? Ohboy!) but Tam hauled me over to Northside News Cafe instead, an offshoot of the nifty newstand. Turns out their sammiches are first-rate! Plus they have some of the better small brands of soda pop. Natcherly I bought several magazines, including Make and a similar one for home furnishings, Ready Made.

Got home, failed to clear the gutters (um, it was, like, raining, d00d!) and watched a little of the debate off and on. Is it just me or are both these guys a bit...mediocre at the public-speaking thing?


Anonymous said...

I believe John Mc and the Republican party are trying to throw the election. Turn Sara loose and expose the evil doers.

Tam said...

You'll notice I've tried to avoid telling the whole intarw3bz about the location of the S-a-v-a-g-e-s.


Roberta X said...

Fine, Tam. Fiiiiiine. I changed it. ;)

Anon: so, what's in it for John McM and the elephant boys if they lose to the mule team? --Much as I like Governor Palin, I think her steel is not yet fully tempered; getting there amazingly fast, however.

Anonymous said...

McCain goes back to the Senate, having gained additional "strange new respect" by being the good loser who didn't say a word about The Anointed One's obvious embarrassments. There he will work tirelessly with his RINO allies to block any Republican effort to limit the Democrats' damage. He will be called "statesmanlike," and well taken care of, because of this. His anthem: "See, they DO love me, after all."

The Elephant Establishment goes back to its comfortable position of powerless opposition, no longer expected to deliver on their promises. Their anthem: "You can't expect US to accomplish anything, la-la!"

Sarah goes back to Alaska and lives happily ever after.

Turk Turon said...