Thursday, October 09, 2008

An American Carol

Went to see it. Very funny. Nicely done; more "there" there than I expected, with a good many of The Usual Suspects parodied. Unexpected: a hat-tip to George Romero. Oh, and Kelsey Grammer plays George S. Patton marvelously!


Crucis said...

My wife and I watched it last Sunday. Although some of the language turned her off, she especially liked the scene where the Lib-Bots turned on Michael Malone. The anvil was a nice touch.

Roberta X said...

Language a bit much in places and I thought the film glossed over the "security theatre" aspects of the internal manifestations of the GWOT; but as a mainstream counter to the Lefty mouthings about how everything would be all unicorns and lollypops if FedGov an' all us bitter clingers would just stop bein' eeeeeee-vil, it was well done without being a polemic.

Occasionally the slapstick clashed with the message. I think the temptation of a tricky "practical" (real-world, real-time) stunt sometimes wins over smoother flow to the picture.