Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Riddle This

     The Dems tell us the "rich" are payin' almost no tax at all with Republicans in charge* and then they tell us John McCain will give huge tax breaks to those same rich people.  How's that work?


     Why don't medications ever have amusing side effects?   It's always "Serious side effects may occur..."  Never, "You'll turn bright orange with green spots for three days and talk like you're on helium, but it's harmless."  I guess it works like politics: the choice is always between "not real good" and "worse."  


     Tam, fuming over the ill-informed and over-enthusiastic: "It's like walking into the neighborhood garage and exclaiming in delight over the 'stylin', well-engineered Yugo' you just saw." Ow.
* Except last I looked, the GOP was in the minority in the House and Senate.  You'd think the Democrats would have ushered in an era of peace, prosperity and Two Chickens In Every Garage by now.  They must be doggin' it.  Either that or they've confused the US with Imperial Rome again.


Anonymous said...

Well, Og just wrote about some freaky dreams as a reaction to malaria meds.. I imagine that was pretty amusing.

Roberta X said...

True, though Og's idea of "amusing" is to excrete someting a yard long and bright green....

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

See, THAT is why Tam would never like me. I AM ill-informed and over-enthusiastic, and I am set in my ways.

I'm Stupid, not Ignorant. Ignorance can be fixed with time and hard work. Stupidity is forever.

My only hope at a blogmeet with Tam in attendence is to keep my mouth shut and to continue to buy pints of beer for everyone.

phlegmfatale said...

I love on the side effects sped-up disclaimers on pharmaceutical commercials where in the litany of things the drug may cause, they list death. Yeah, where do we sign up for that one?

Anonymous said...

Actually, that sort of thing (the dreams AND the glow-in-the-dark excreta)is always frightening, it's only amusing to the outsider. What amuses me, personally, would peel the skin off your skull, and you don't want to get that far into my head, trust me.

Anonymous said...

Two Chickens In Every Garage

Hehe. You're channeling The Tubes. I don't know whom they were channeling -- perhaps nobody.

"I'm proud (doo-do-do-doo) to be an American (We got two chickens in every garage!) ..."

Good tune.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I had to go find it.

Proud to be an American by The Tubes.

Anonymous said...

Viagra started out as a blood pressure med, and I'd say that it has a pretty fun side effect. Well, more front than side (puerile snicker...)
My fave though are nicotine patches. Try putting one on and going to sleep some night. The dreams are amazing! It's like the way LSD or opium is depicted in the movies.