Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wrong Joe!

Congresswoman Tells Media "Do Your Job;" They Cry "McCarthyism"

The Lefty blogosphere is peeing itself with glee and chanting "McCarthyism." Seems Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann went on a talking-head news program and spoke of a certain Presidential candidate's known associates and their "liberal, left-wing, anti-American" views.

Somehow (and that would mean, "at the insistence of the host") it morphed into his claims that she was accusing some members of Congress (besides the candidate earlier alluded to) of harboring anti-American sentiments. Her response, at least twice, was to say the media ought to look into the backgrounds and beliefs of all members of Congress (a series I, for one, would be delighted to watch -- and at one bio a night, it'd be a long-running show).

This suggestion was treated with horror and contempt; it is the basis for the Left's charges of "McCarthyism" against her. "The darkest impulses of the Right," they moan. (Hey, that's racist!)

Ooopsie. No, you perniciously ignorant pontificators, "lookin' into the background of Congressmen" was one of the things the media did that curbed Tailgunner Joe's excesses; and unlike Congress, the Press can't charge somebody with "contempt" or even treason and have 'em hauled off.

(Which reminds me, how many citizens were internally exiled based on McCarthy's hearings? Zilch. How many put to death? Zero. How many did Congress blacklist? None. And were there actual Communists in government and media? Yes. Was the CP-USA under the control of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union? Yes. McCarthy's methods stank and his use of a bad situation to advance himself was detestable -- but he did not make it all up. BTW, Alger Hiss actually was a spy).

Have a look at the link -- and remember, when the Left try to bend and control debate, they are innocent lightworkers, while askin' if maybe the press would like to start diggin' into the political leanings and background of politicians is exactly the same as trying to begin a pogrom. --See, that's where the Left goes for the wrong guy; they're accusin' the Right of wantin' to reanimate one Joe while their pet Press channels a different Joe.

Hey, legacy media? Do your job. Or keep right on sinking amid the failures of the past.


Anonymous said...

It is my belief that most of the MSM has editors and leaders that were among the leading Left during the 60's. If true, this would be the reason the MSM is tilted so far to the left; I can't think of another reason they are so viciously anti-conservative. Hell, they just make stuff up. Yeah, shoot down dumb ideas and statements, no problem there. But give equal time. And stop trying to tell us what to think. If the GOP was as nasty and powerful as you say, most of your writers and editors would be in deep dungeons.

NotClauswitz said...

I wonder what they will finally do to torpedo themselves, the Legacy MSM, and once and for all and put them out of their (and our misery)?
Is this Campaign enough?

Anonymous said...

Roberta, I too share your view that "tailgunner Joe" had an admirable goal(rooting out communist agents in Government and Media), but terrible methodology. Unfortunately, the message got overlooked for the delivery style of the messenger.

Anonymous said...

Virginia asked if there was a Santa Clause and her dad told her if she read it in the Sun it was true so she wrote the paper resulting in the touching response of "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause". A news paper owner told his reporter to send pictures I will make the war, That s the Spanish/American war. My point is the media has no obligation to report honestly,barring slander and liable, they are privetly owned and if the board of directors has a particular agenda they are free to go there. First amendment and all, haven't the network news and papers been loosing readers and watchers to Blogs because of that??? examples I know 60 mitits aired deceptive segments on cop killer bullets, exploding gas tanks on pickup trucks the fraudulent Bush military record. Once a trusted sorce of infomation transformed to meaningless background noise.

Carteach said...

The 'major media' seems to be sidelining themselves, and are slowly fading away. Viewers of news programs are slacking, newspaper sales are falling steadily....

It's sad really, like watching an overlooked movie actress fading to black after a long career, abandoned as irrelevant.

There was a time when the endorsement of a major newspaper was a big deal.... a considered thing that people gave weight to. Now, it's proforma and based on preconceived bias without regard to fact or record. In other words.. without value.

The last few major elections have found the major liberal media contrary to the will of the people, and floundering as a result. Instead of self examination for a cause, the media pundits and editors rant about a 'backward' proletariat.

I am not acquainted with a single person who still relies on old style media for reliable news.

They were once giants..... and have now fallen by the wayside, having only shadow of relevance left.

Anonymous said...

New reader/lurker here, courtesy Tam's blog. Thank you for that post; it was a much-needed inoculation against some of the cries of McCarthyism that are being bandied about, much to my irritation. Wouldn't want to have the media investigating anything beyond plumbing licenses!

Heh. Legacy media. I like it.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I suspect that part of the "problem" with main stream media is bias towards stories with high emotional content: heart warming, or better yet, heart wrenching. The world is a complicated place. Obligations tax the brain. People come home from work and don't want to think. Sit in front of the TV and let stories with high emotional content and low intellectual content wash over them. All is right with the world, and then they can sleep.