Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cue Twilight Zone Music

...I just heard Democrat (and former V. P. candidate) Geraldine Ferraro speak approvingly of Sarah Palin! She was careful to point out that as a Democrat, she favored Senator Biden (okay, fair enough) -- but she was nevertheless pleased that Governor Palin "had gone toe-to-toe with a man of Joe Biden's experience and held her own."

Seems some on the Left can see past their own squick and ideology. We have at least one political type who still remembers where the high road runs.

Elsewhere on the political front, I snickered to see Obama commercials about his fascist approach to health care running during the Outdoor Channel's all-gun Wednesday. Yeah, good luck with that, bud. Us ignorant, bitter louts will never tumble to your hopes to disarm us. (Me, not so much for the high road). And on over-the-air legacy-media TV, it's all attack ads, all the time: the political advertising business-as-usual.

And, with sincere apologies to the LGB folks who read my blog, I swear the next time someone uses the old trope about gay men havin' a super-duper sense of style, I will make them go watch Congressbeing Barney Frank, a man with the class and elegance of an unmade bed. I don't care who he sleeps with but is it too much to hope for that someone in his household could learn how to iron clothes? Or at least run stuff through the dry cleaners? Perhaps he's too worried his role in making the financial mess in the first place will become more widely known to deal with such minutia but I'm pretty sure even members of the House have people for the fiddlin' details. Remember, Representative Frank, as this bollixed-up knot unravels, you're the fellow who chides, "There's no right to hypocrisy." Prolly even less so where other people's money is concerned. Also, and this may come as a shock to you, C-Span archives just hours and hours of stuff from the House and Senate.... Rose Mary Woods is gone and she wasn't on your side of the aisle anyhow.


JAFO said...

Holy crap, Barney's gay?!!?

I was having enough fun laughing at how he always sounds half-drunk, this just icing on the cake.

(to my gay friends- not that I'm laughing at his being gay, mind. It's just that the whole package is just so unexpected)

Roberta X said...

It would seem that he is. And he has a rep for "outing" other Congressthings who are and won't 'fess up, which is rude. (I found his sanctimonious line on the subject in researching the article: "There's a right to privacy, but no right to hyporcrisy.")

In a city where strippers bail out (into the water!) of the cars of (never say "drunk") erratically driving Senators (Fanny Foxe and Wilbur Mills, respectively), Rep. Frank strikes me as pretty typical, possibly even less lurid than average.

Anonymous said...

Barney Frank gallery at S.Weasel.

phlegmfatale said...

I loved hearing Ferraro say that she would be proud for her granddaughters to see a woman holding her own thusly in a debate at that level. I thought GF was far more objective that I expected her to be.

On that note, is it paranoid of me that I thought Biden knew what questions he'd be asked in advance? Other than that, I didn't feel Ifill's questions were overtly, pointedly against Palin. I did love when she tried to nail Palin into making an anti-gay statement that Palin was sharp as a tack and turned it back to she agreed with Biden on the subject. 'nuff said.

Turk Turon said...

I have it on good authority that Barney Frank sleeps in his partner's suits.