Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Santabama's Comin' To Town

...He'll be right there at American Legion Mall, Senator Obama that is, in front of the Central Library -- and not too far from all the horrrrrible war toys at museum in the World War Memorial. Careful, lefties, you might get some reality on yourselves. Ew, ick!

My reality is, even if it was Senator McCain, Governor Palin and a recently-risen Barry Goldwater,[1] the primary impact it would have on me would be the same: Gonna make my life harder in at least two ways:
A) This is within a mile or so of the Skunk Works, Main Campus. So traffic will reach a degree of wretchedness usually seen only on marching-and-chowder type holidays, though possibly with less nudity or green beer.
B) Us skunkworkers being actually in the bigtime news media biz, with pictures that move (and even talk! Yes, it appears talkies are here to stay),[2] the degree of madhousery inside the building will mirror, if not exceed, that to be found on the streets and all the hewers of video and drawers of microwave links will be up to their elbows in it, leaving members of the leisure set like me to fill in the tasks they'd otherwise be doing. It's better than havin' to hunt up things to do, right?

There's either a thrill runnin' up my leg already or my knee is acting up. Not sure which. I'm giving serious though to riding my scooter to work tomorrow -- it's more nimble in traffic and can, in a pinch, be ridden on sidewalks.
1. Okay, the last one might intensify the drama, some. But not all that much -- after all, he was only a Republican.
2. Not always in sync. It happened on The Jazz Singer, too. I ended up hand-carryin' a local political spot -- on actual physical media oh the horror of it -- down to High-End Editing so the $$$ boys with rows of Emmys on the wall could move the sound back five frames and make it look less like a Godzilla movie dubbed to English on a budget. It took longer to ingest than to fix and once done, we piped it back over the data network to the video server: half steam, half magic, three-quarters telepathy and one-eighth done by a very small trained mouse yoked to a plow. Clawing our way into the 21st Century, Rube Goldberg wing.


Carteach said...

Man, I love reading your posts. Dripping with snark, in a tasty way.

Quigley said...

He's making a list
Of who's making money
He'll take it away
And give it to the poor for free
Santabama's coming to town

That was for the people voting for McCain (TANSTAAFL).

This one is for the people voting for Santabama:

Ba'a baaaaa a baaa
Ba baa'a baaaaa baaaa
Ba'aa baaa ba baaa
Baa baaa ba ba baa baaa baa baaa
Baaaaaaaa'a baaaaa ba baaa

Anonymous said...

"Not always in sync."

"No, no, no!"
"Yes, yes, yes!"