Thursday, October 02, 2008

Friday Follies

Update: This just in: today was not Friday! So much for that theory. I blame the Large Hadron Collider for this, if they have it working again.


Did you know that, "Leaders of our city should be beyond reproach," according to Marion County GOP chairbeing Tom John? He was referring to his suggestion about resigning to the Democrat councilwoman accused of hitting police officers, calling them racists and claiming because she was on the City-County Council, she would not be charged. (Meanwhile, the head honcho of her party remains unavailable for comment -- difficult to put a positive spin on abusive arrogance, I suppose).

"Beyond reproach?" Finely-honed phrase; the meter usually has "above reproach" at the Full end and "beneath contempt" down at the Empty side with the You're In Trouble shading. I'd guess "beyond reproach" is around mid scale: a low-hanging ethical target and yet one our Councilcritters are missing regularly.


The big Veep debate is tonight and I'm short on popcorn! The sonorously-dull Senator Biden is given the top mark in gravitas while Governor Palin wins kudos for her Reagan-like charm. (Does this seem strangely quarky?) Me, I'll be bearing in mind John Nance Garner's evaluation of the office -- not only the questionable one, "Not worth a pitcher of warm spit," (or a similar word) but the one we can directly attribute: "...four years [of] counting the buttons on another man's coat tails."

Sounds thrillin'. And compared to that image, even Windy Joe might appear dynamic. I think we can expect another Lefty-gal "Ew, ew, ick, ick" treatment of Sarah Palin from the moderator. At best, she'll manage to conceal her disdain. Yeah, keep sneerin' at the Gov of Alaska, all it does is motivate people like me who'd be otherwise inclined to sit this one out.


I still owe readers some few words about (among other things) what it's like flyin' a Star model BM in a pin match and the joys and wonderment of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, a freshly-brewed cup of which I am presently sipping. Soon, soon. I hope!


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that Palin was sandbagging the press in recent interviews, to lull Biden into a false sense of security?

BTW, why did you title this entry "Friday Follies"?

Somerled said...

Doris Minton-McNeill may need rehab more than a council seat. Hopefully the department will not lose four valuable officers if she walks. I'd file a civil suit against her, resign or both if she proved to be immune to the criminal justice system.

Somerled said...

Joe was quoted by NYT reporter Mark Leibovich, Sept. 20, “Remember, no one decides who they’re going to vote for based on the vice president,” he said. “I mean that literally.”

Joe, I do take you serious. That's why I've looked at your extensive Senate voting record going back to 1972. It sucks. The economy under Jimmy Carter when the Democrats controlled Congress was far worse than it is now with a Republican president and a Democratic Congress.

Mark said...

Still definately thursday here.

I'm confused.

Have a nice durnal anomaly!

Turk Turon said...

Hell, I've done LOTS of things that are "beyond reproach." Maybe what they meant was "above contempt."

I've done that, too.