Sunday, October 05, 2008

Maybe Sunday?

I should have gone to the range Saturday morning -- I even woke up in time to meet friends there. But I didn't.

Blogging about things that are too personal is said to be unmannerly. Not done. OTOH, my readership is not large and I have no class,* so....

What I did instead was vacuum Mittens's favorite chair and put it in the basement. I just couldn't stand to walk by it, expect to see the cat and then remember. Random Numbers wasn't using it -- she has her own bed, a folded blanket on a crate in the dining room where I'm hoping to build a window seat that should be a cat-friendly spot.

I spent my teen and pre-teen years peeling my pet kitties up off the road, dead, with distressing regularity. (An "indoor cat" was a pretty rare thing back then). My own two cats are off-the-charts elderly and spend most of their time dozing on the very desk at which I am blogging. The sudden departure of a cat, epecially one so nice, is painful.

Spent the rest of the day scootering and working on various house projects. I did manage to visit Sakura Mart and remembered to pass the money using both hands; it's not so much they notice as it is they notice when you do not. (It's a perfectly wonderful Japanese grocery store -- at 5' 9" and a hundred-something pounds, I am about 1.25X overscale for the place and work at not being a cow in a china shop). Restocked my supply of Black Black gum: mint-eucalyptus strong, caffinated and spiked with niacin, what's not to like? (Update: Link goes to Black Black gum search results at J-Box, the wholesome side of J-List, which I'm told imports a vast and rather -- ahem -- wide array of items from Japan. J-Box is work-safe; past there, you're on your own. If you live in a city of much size, a trip through the Yellow Pages is likely to put you in touch with a much closer source of Japanese snacks, as little .jp grocery stores are increasingly widespread. IMO, Japan's got some of the best junk food on the planet).

...Blogging, it seems to me, is an invasion of privacy one commits on one's self.
* Update: Technicically incorrect, as the preceding blogoglyph reports test results giving me 19% class, though it fails to specify if that is by weight or volume.


Turk Turon said...

I was thinking about Mittens, and that chair.

They become part of our daily routine.

When I turn out the lights at the end of a day, I will usually hear my cat, Hobbes, in the next room, make a "thud" as her paws hit the ground; she sleeps on the end of the bed, but stays away until the lights are out. If I don't hear the thud, I know that something is wrong: she's stuck in a closet, or the basement, or maybe even a dresser drawer. So I turn the lights back on and search for her.

Anonymous said...

Black Black?? Good stuff

My dog has become part of my routine as well. If she isn't sitting on my bed at bedtime, I look for her.

Anonymous said...


You do have class.

And I didn't even know Black Black was available in the States. Have to see if I can find a Japanese place here in South Texas that sells any.

Somerled said...

Farm cats have short lives. It still bothers me when one I first saw in the hay before its eyes are open doesn't show up at chore time. The kids name them and get emotionally attached. I don't bother telling them it isn't a good idea.

I'd rather they be sad and compassionate rather than uncaring and cruel such as the jerks who dump cats and dogs off in the first place.

We can't afford to have them all fixed and vaccinated. We try to give them away to responsible people. I don't have the heart to kill them like some do. Of course, some think that is cruel and file cruelty to animals complaints against anyone they witness shooting them. There are no shelters or animal control here.

When cats disappear, a subhuman soon drops off a fresh supply in the night.

So, Roberta, you do have class. You love, care for, and miss your pets.

Tango Juliet said...

It's OK. You grieve any ol' way your little heart desires. :)

My cat is 12 and Mittens' story makes me pet her just a little longer.

phlegmfatale said...

I like your take on blogging, and telling on oneself. Perhaps I never would have a substantial readership because of my unmannerliness, but I do like talking about (at least semi-) personal things on my blog. I'm doing it for myself.

I'm glad of reading about Mittens' chair. I think it was a nice gesture, to move it, actually. It was, after all, her chair. Ah, bless you and Tam, both. So difficult to lose such a special pet.

Crucis said...

Our two cats, BBC (Big Black Cat, AKA Snowflake) and LBC (Little Brown Cat, AKA Amber, Whiney Cat) have their fav spots for snoozin'. LBC snores on the top of the couch. There is a small cat shaped dent in the top where she spends most of her day.

BBC likes to snooze in the hollow betwixt the pillows on the bed. It's a good thing the bedspread is dark to hide the tufts of black fur during shedding season.