Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So This Is Hump Day

And what a co-inky-dink: just last night, I learned the IRS lost my tax return. (Gee, so that's why the check never arrived?) As a new homeowner with some large-ish medical bills (scooter wreck stuff) , I'd had a complicated return (for me) and filed late on an extension. Sent in the State tax forms the same day and received a pittance back right on schedule but Great White Father in Washington, him no find treaty 1040-Whichever plus ancillary forms. My tax dollars at work and/or playin' hooky.

Still, "I wept that I had lousy cards, until I met a man that couldn't join the game,"* as we don't say: in France, they're sellin' voodoo dolls of Nicolas Sarkozky, with instructions for the unimaginative, and he's not even a little amused. Hey, Prez: ooga-booga! And in the real world, where grown-ups work with real things, India's sent an (unmanned) mapping mission to the moon. Press is playing that one as part of the China-India "space race" but I'm not so sure -- I think they're planning to make detailed maps, staff up a call center and sell lease real-time support services to China's manned missions: "Now at the next little crater, Cmdr. Chen, you will be wanting to turn right and look for the beacon of the supply module...." Meanwhile back in the land of make-believe, Japanese climbers in Nepal think they've found Yeti tracks. Pull the other one, it's got bells on: if it was real, they'd've tracked it down, taken a zillion photographs of each other standing next to it, then served it up sashimi style.
* Euchre with matchsticks as the stakes, most likely. Oh, it's a wild, wild life.


Turk Turon said...

"I wept because I had no shoes - and then I met a man who had no rhythm." - Lily Tomlin

I hope that something happens to brighten your "hump day"!

Crucis said...

My wife and I had that happen to us about a decade ago. We'd always been a little paranoid and mailed our returns certified so we'd have proof that we mailed them on time. Hope you did the same.

Now we file electronically. That works very well. We have a CPA that prepares our returns and submits them directly. Electronic filing is a great improvement. We also get any refunds more quickly as well.

Somerled said...

Richard Nixon's attorneys could have gleaned a fortune off of all those "Tricky Dick" Halloween masks if only he had been CREEPing around France instead of the Watergate.

Hopefully you'll get paired with a treasury check soon, Roberta. We've been e-filing as well. So far, the IRS hasn't scrambled it.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Sometimes I think you are too smart for my own good. Makes me wonder just who you really are. You still make me laugh.

Roberta X said...

What? The man who speculates our brains might be quantum detectors (which react with joy) says this of me? I am genuinely flattered, sir.