Thursday, October 16, 2008


Kind of late, isn't it? One of the three power units for the stardrive array is on the fritz (no offense) again. It's a middlin' mysterious failure; it will run at reduced power and I am fair wore out, so I tweaked it to a level that I am moderately confident it can hold and bailed out for bed. There's no playin' with high voltage when you're not a hundred percent.

Fun, fun. This stuff never breaks at the start of the day, when you''re all bright and chipper and the factory techs who know all the gotchas are easily available. Nope -- it's the evening you're hopin' for a decent dinner and have laundry an' mending to do.

Well, it pays, anyhow.


BobG said...

Murphy's Law supersedes all other laws of man and nature. I think it's the closest thing to the Unified Field Theory.

Anonymous said...

Having been there done that and worn out the T-shirt I can say that you are 100% correct. Tired minds and high voltage are deadly. The only reason I didn't have to air out my shop to get the smell of charred Master Chief out was because God looks after fools, drunks and Irishmen. He had at least two out of three covered.
Rey B