Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's A Puzzler

I've been awarded an award!  Twice!  By two separate bloggers!  It's pretty darned kewl, too.

     In order to claim it, I have to pick five (at least) other deserving bloggers on to whom it will be passed.  Narrowing down that list will call for some thinkin' and take some time, so -- watch this space.


Anonymous said...


I looked at the list of people that had awards and didn't see your name there.

Then laying in bed I happened to think... Didn't Mark get that award from Breda? And aren't Breda, Roberta, Mark, and Tam kinda close? But Mark didn't give the award to Roberta or Tam. And I don't read Breda all that often...

Oh, rats... I wonder if...


Another reason to be embarrassed.

CGHill said...

Had I not done a bit of due diligence before announcing my own set of five, you might have gotten it once more. And by might I mean "sure as the sun sets."